Welcome to the Psychology Department.

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Psychology is a fascinating subject which has diverse applications in everyday life such as the legal system, education, child care, mental health, relationships and media.

Psychology ‘A’ level is taught at Burford at Key Stage 5. There are also lunchtime Psychology clubs for pupils in Key Stage 3 and 4.



Psychology is taught by Mrs Chilton





Key Stage 5: AQA ‘A’ Level Psychology

Key Stage 5: AQA ‘A’ Level Psychology

The Exam Board for Psychology is AQA.

Students will study for Psychology ‘A’ Level, which is examined through three papers at the end of Year 13.

Topics covered over the two year course include:

  • Memory
  • Attachment
  • Conformity and Obedience
  • Mental Health
  • Research Methods
  • An understanding of different approaches, issues and debates
  • Biological Psychology
  • Relationships
  • Schizophrenia
  • Forensic Psychology


The course will be of interest to students who are intrigued by human behaviour, and those who have an enquiring mind. Psychology students will develop skills in describing, analysing, applying and evaluating psychological research, with the ability to make effective links between theories and concepts.

A strong work ethic is essential for success in Psychology. Students will be expected to carry out wider reading within their independent study time and make comprehensive notes both in and outside of lessons. Pre-requisites for the course include C grades in English Language, Maths and Science.


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