Primary Music

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The Burford Institute of Music, established in September 2014 provides a central venue for primary pupils in the area to come together each week to attend music lessons after school and then play together as an ensemble.  This initiative, established in conjunction with the Oxfordshire Music Service, ( enables any child to have a go at an instrument that interests them at an early age and also gives them the opportunity to share the enjoyment of playing music with others right from the start. Parents of primary children who would like their child to learn an instrument should visit then click on Centres and Burford Institute of Music.

Getting to lessons

Pupils are transported by minibus from their primary schools after school each week; they have an individual music lesson (or share a music lesson in a small group) and they then have the chance to play in an ensemble. ‘Wrap around’ care is provided by school staff from their arrival at 4.00pm.

Not only is this an exciting experience but it provides a positive experience of learning an instrument, teaching pupils from an early age the merits of playing in a group and the benefits of persevering when things get tough (as they do from time to time in Music).

Continuity of opportunity

Students who choose to follow through their secondary education at Burford are able to continue benefitting from the opportunities provided by the Burford Institute of Music right through to Year 13 and enjoy a uniquely special and valuable experience of music throughout their school life.

The Oxfordshire County Music Service has a new system for registering students called ‘Parent Live’. This is an online system that allows parents/carers to register the details of their children for interest in music lessons and for joining our ensembles. Lessons are available on a range of instruments and there are a variety of ensembles that can be joined. Information and an online application from is avaiable at or call 01865 816990.

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