The Governing Body

Burford-Logo_blue Pse use thisThe full board of Governors meets five times a year and holds a meeting of Parents and Governors in Term 3. Committees meet five times a year, making appropriate reports and recommendations to the full Board of Governors. Each Committee elects a Chair who sits on the Strategy and Development Committee. In 2016 the Governing Body were re-awarded the Governor Mark for a further three years. Governor Mark identifies national standards for good governance.

The Chair of Governors is Mrs S Jagger:

The Company Secretary is Mrs S Reeve:

Full details of each Committee’s remit, copies of non-confidential minutes and any Governors’ Register of Interest are available from the Company Secretary. The Governors follow a Code of Conduct  which is reviewed annually and signed by each member upon appointment.


Parent Governors Ordinary Governors Staff Governors Co-options Associate Members Observers and Secretary
Mr Derek Grimsley

Vice-Chair of Governors

Mr Stuart Norridge Mrs Mary Alcock Rev’d Dr Robert Wainwright Lauren Cummings
Head Girl
Mrs Katie Shires
1st Deputy Headteacher
Mr Steven Carroll Mrs Susan Jagger
Chair of Governors
Mrs Kathy Haig Headteacher Mark Monkhouse
Head Boy
Mrs Suzanne Reeve
Company Secretary
 Mr Clive Mowbray Mrs Sarah Matthews Mr Richard Dampney


India Ross
Deputy Head Girl
Mr Alan Staniforth
Business Manager
Mrs Karen Simpson Mr Andrew Pitman

Safeguarding Governor

  Oscar Finch
Deputy Head Boy
Mr James Pilgrim
2nd  Deputy Headteacher & Director of Boarding
 Mr Tony Leach Mr John White      
 Mr Shane Rae  Mr Richard Martin


Governor Links with Departments 2016-2017

Department Link Governor Department Link Governor
Art Karen Simpson Business Studies Andrew Pitman
Careers/Business link Stuart Norridge Child Protection Andrew Pitman
Drama Sarah Matthews English Shane Rae
EAL Andrew Pitman Geography  Stuart Norridge
Gifted and Talented Andrew Pitman History Richard Martin
ICT Tony Leach Learning Zone Andrew Pitman
Library John White Mathematics Richard Martin
Modern Languages Rob Wainwright Music Clive Mowbray
P.E. Steven Carroll PSHE/Careers John White
Religious Education John White Science Sue Jagger
Sixth Form and Post 16 Education Derek Grimsley Technology Karen Simpson
Pupil Premium Governor Derek Grimsley


Governor Committee Structure 2016-2017


Boarding Committee Curriculum & Standards Committee Financial Management Committee Premises, Health & Safety Committee Staff & Student Development Committee Strategy & Development Committee
 Mr S  Norridge (Chair) Mr D Grimsley (Chair) Mr R Martin (Chair) Mr C Mowbray (Chair) Mr A Pitman (Chair) Mrs S Jagger (Chair)
Mrs S Matthews (Vice-Chair)  Mr S Carroll Mr J White (Vice-Chair) Mrs K Simpson (Vice-Chair) Mr T Leach Mr R Martin (Vice-Chair)
 Mr A Pitman  Mrs S Jagger  Mr S Rae  Mr R Martin  Mrs K Haig  Mrs K Haig
 Mrs K Haig Mrs K Haig  Mrs K Haig  Mr J White  Mrs S Matthews  Mr A Pitman
 Rev’d R Wainwright  Mrs K Haig  Mrs M Alcock  Mr C Mowbray
 Mr C Mowbray  Mr R Dampney  Mr D Grimsley
 Mr S Norridge
 Terms of Reference  Terms of Reference  Terms of Reference  Terms of Reference  Terms of Reference  Terms of Reference

Governor Details, Pecuniary & Personal Interests

Governor Start date Term of office Finishing date Pecuniary & personal interests
Mrs M Alcock 01.02.2015 Four years 31.01.2019 School Administrator/

M Alcock (Husband) Trustee of Burford School Uganda Link

Mr R Dampney 01.03.2015 Four years  28.02.2019 Teacher at Burford School
Mr D Grimsley 01.01.2012 Four years  31.12.2019 Royal Air Force
Mrs K Haig 01.01.2009 Until conclusion of Headteacher role N/A Headteacher of Burford School/ Director-Wysdom Touring Park/ Trustee-Burford Foundation Governors
Mrs S Jagger 01.09.2014  Four years 31.08.2018  Justice of the Peace
Mr R Martin 01.08.2012  Four years 31.07.2016  None
Mrs S Matthews  01.04.2015  Four years  31.03.2019 Parish Councillor, Shipton-under-Wychwood Parish Council
Mr C Mowbray  01.10.2013  Four years  30.09.2017  None
Mr S Norridge  01.09.2014  Four years  31.08.2018  None
Mr A Pitman  01.01.2013 Four years  31.12.2016  Director-Pitman’s Optometrists Ltd/

Links to-Shipton-under-Wychwood Parish Council


Mrs K Simpson 01.11.2014 Four years 31.10.2018 Karen Simpson Designer/ Architects Registration Board
Rev’d R Wainwright 01.10.2015 Four years 30.9.2019 Curate, St John the Baptist Church, Burford/

Trustee-Burford School Foundation

Mr J White 01.04.2014  Four years 31.03.2018 Governor of Burford Primary School & Trustee of Burford Pre-school
Mr S Carroll  11.11.2016  Four years  10.11.2020  None
Mr T Leach  11.11.2016  Four years  10.11.2020
Mr S Rae  11.11.2016  Four years  10.11.2020  None
Mr J Meridew – resigned 01.10.2015 24.01.2016
Mr B Beckett – resigned 01.11.2014 31.07.2016
Mr R Kirkpatrick – resigned 01.01.2015 31.07.2016
Mr D Pullin – resigned 01.03.2015 15.9.2016
Mr R Connlley – resigned 01.10.2012 30.9.2016
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