Work Experience and Careers

Work Experience

Year 10

All students are given the opportunity to undertake a week of designated work experience during March of Year 10.    Work experience can give students an insight into careers that might interest them and also enables students to understand how school subjects can be applied in the world of work. Students have sometimes secured part-time and holiday work through their school work experience and even apprenticeship opportunities.

Mrs Knowles:, the school’s Careers Adviser is available to help students identify the type of placement they would like to undertake and can also suggest companies that students might apply to.

In the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, there is an additional opportunity for Burford School students to undertake work experience.   Work Experience for Sixth Form students is scheduled to take place during July of Year 12. Work Experience is particularly useful for students applying for vocational degrees at university eg Veterinary Science, Medicine, Nursing , Teaching and can also be helpful for those students seeking apprenticeship and employment opportunities after their ‘A’ level studies.

Once again Mrs Knowles is available to assist Sixth Form students in identifying and applying to work experience opportunities.


Burford school work experiance (1)Mrs Knowles: is the School’s qualified and highly experienced Careers Adviser.  She is available every day in the school careers library to provide students with impartial information, advice and guidance.

Mrs Knowles provides assistance to students as they approach key decision making points in years 9-13, helping students to navigate their way through the maze of education and career pathways available. As she is available full-time in school, students are able to access her help when they most need it.  The ethos is a student centred approach and Mrs Knowles works primarily 1:1 with students. Her work includes such things as:

  • Providing Information and advice on apprenticeships.
  • Support with applications to university and higher education.
  • Advice on curriculum vitaes, interviews skills and job search. This links in with the opportunity that is provided to all year 11 students to have an interview with feedback from one of several local employers who come into school to deliver mock interviews.
  • Help with choosing courses and training.
  • Help with school work experience.


Students can book appointments or call in to see her for an informal drop in session at break and lunch-times.  Parents are welcome to meet with Mrs Knowles at Parents’ Consultation evenings or by appointment.

Student progression is closely monitored and the school has a highly successful destination record at the end of both Year 11 and Year 13.

Burford School values highly the partnerships it has with many employers.  In addition to work experience organised in Year 10 (and for some students also in Year 12), all Year 11 students spend time producing their own CVs, applying for a ‘job’ and undergoing  mock interviews in preparation for applications to the Sixth Form, to College, for apprenticeships or for employment.  In additions students spend time exploring opportunities with employer representatives at the West Oxon Apprenticeship Convention and the School Careers Convention.

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