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Support for Front Line NHS

Support for Front Line NHS

Congratulations to our Technology Department on some great work currently being undertaken – Miss Ellis is making masks for her local community and has signed up to make scrubs for the NHS. Anyone who would like to help can become part of the group on facebook. It’s called ‘For the Love of Scrubs.’

The Technology Department has teamed up with two organisations to produce PPE for front line NHS workers. The department have utilised their equipment to produce 3D printed parts for 3DCrowd who are assembling and distributing face shields for front line NHS workers. So far several batches have been produced and sent off with many more currently being printed. 3DCrowd have produced more than 39000 face shields in the past week, delivering to over 90 NHS trusts. Please visit their website to learn more or help get involved.


The Department have also teamed up with JSP in Oxfordshire who are producing PPE for the NHS. JSP are working flat out trying to make enough respiratory PPE for the NHS, and the staff in their R&D team are trying to come up with ways to help.

One of these includes a face shield that can be retrospectively fitted to their half mask. After sending the plans to our Technology Department these are now being produced and laser cut by our team in an attempt to produce as much PPE as possible for our NHS workers.

Mrs Ball, from the Art Department is also busy sewing scrubs for the local group ‘Cotswold Scrubs’. You can find them on Facebook serving the Cheltenham/Gloucester area and  Miss B Hughes has been working with NHS elderly care and helping with legal cover for Oxford University students in need of assistance with accommodation.

What a great team! Well done to them all.