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A special thank you from 8BHU

A special thank you from 8BHU

A fabulous joint effort from 8BHU.  Thank you to all the form members!

8BHU want to say a huge thank you
To all of the staff at Burford School
We think you’re all so kind and so cool
Even when you set mocks
Or take on tik-toks

A special shout out to Miss Gordon
To her no question’s too small
We’re sorry for spamming your emails with them all
And Mrs Peralta who never raises her voice
Even when we haven’t given her much choice

Mrs Simpson your smile is always so bright
And Mr Lawson you’re always patient even when we’re not right
Mr Goodson, Mr G, you’re always the best
And Miss Hughes we’re sorry we make such a mess

Thank you to our cleaners who keep our room neat
Even after we were naughty and got banned for a week
Thank you to our library staff, who are always there
And our lovely TAs – we know how much you care

A special thank you to Mrs Warrington
For her extra help and kind words
And Mr Wright you’re the best head of year
We don’t know if you’d heard

And if you didn’t see your name
We still want to thank you, you make our world spin
Burford we love you, our school for the win
Don’t worry, you’re still on our list
We miss you staff of Burford school
We miss you so much and are glad you exist

We miss you!

During this long and unusual period, the staff at Burford School would just like to say how much we are missing all of our students and really looking forward to being with them all again.