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Voluntary work for the community

Voluntary work for the community

We have received a certificate this week to congratulate our Duke of Edinburgh students on 2106 hours of voluntary service to the local community – equivalent to a value of £9161.10 – between April 2019 and March 2020.


During this academic year we have seen 210 students take part in either Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards, an increase of 28 on the previous year. The awards require great committment from the students, who are supported throughout by our Duke of Edinburgh Manager, our Bronze Award Co-ordinator and a whole team of volunteers who give their time generously to assist with the expeditions.

Accessing Books in the Holidays

We at Burford School Library are excited that we are now able to help bring the Library to you, wherever you may be! There are two new ways to access Burford School Library from home:

The Library Catalogue, where physical books can be browsed and reserved for collection from the Library:

Username: Your computer login number (e.g. 20519)

Password: First four letters of surname (first letter capitalised) plus the day of the month you were born (e.g. Hermione Granger’s password would be Gran19 because she was born on 19 September)

The Wheelers eBook and Audiobook Library:

Login using your Office365 account.

Please let library staff know if you have any difficulties accessing your accounts, and happy reading!

Lower School Prizegiving 2020


We would like to congratulate all our students on their hard work this year.

Please click on the link to view our Virtual Lower School Prizegiving 2020.


Design & Technology Virtual Exhibition

Once again, students across all year groups have shown high levels or creativity and execution across a wide range of design and technology projects undertaken throughout the year.

Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we are unable to invite you, in person, to celebrate this wonderful work.  As an alternative, the Design & Technology Department have put together a virtual exhibition to showcase some of the work achieved.

We hope you enjoy it.