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The School Library

The School Library  is run by a Chartered Librarian, Mrs Cooper,                        

and by Assistant Librarian, Mrs Count.  It is open at the following times during term-time:

Monday              8.30 –   4.30pm    Tuesday            8.30 –   4.30pm

Wednesday       8.30 –   4.30pm    Thursday         8.30 –   4.30pm

Friday                  8.30 –   3.00pm

Library Mission Statement

The Library is a user-friendly multimedia resource center. In order to respond to the needs of both the school and the curriculum, we are committed to an on-going programme of improvement, providing equality of access to a variety of resources, including books, books on kindle, journals, newspapers, online databases and DVDs for students and staff.  We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, one in which a passion for reading and a positive attitude to learning is actively promoted.


Oliver Library Catalogue

Students are currently able to request library items using the Oliver Library Catalogue at:

Students should put in their username: Student’s computer login number (e.g. 20519)

Password: First four letters of surname (first letter capitalised) + first two letters of first name

+ the two digits of the day of the month the student was born (e.g. 03 or 27)

For example, the password for Hermione Granger, born 19 September, would be Granghe19

Library Resources

There are three main areas of the Library set up for reading, research and class sessions. In addition to a large choice of fiction, there are also around 17,000 non- fiction/reference titles in the Library, covering a multitude of subjects.  With the exception of reference books, most resources can be borrowed. There is also access to ebooks on Kindle; a good selection of journals, (both online and print editions); newspapers and magazines, which are kept in support of curriculum topics, as well as for general interest.

Students may search for books or information via any school networked computer using the ‘Oliver’ library management system. They are also able to check their own records for current loans and both reserve and renew books this way. The Library also has its own computer area with access to 21 work stations.

Library Activities and Events

We encourage students to join in our many reading-related events and lunch-time activities.  These include:

  • Regular author visits
  • Book based competitions
  • A range of clubs including:
    • Creative Writing Club
    • After school Film Club
    • Student Librarian Training
    • Chess Club
  • Burford Short Story Competition
  • An annual Reading Week filled with an array of fun book-related events, including a World Book Day celebration.
  • Participation in the Oxfordshire Book Award, which runs from September to August, with attendance at the OBA ceremony to meet many top UK children’s authors.
  • Participation in Shadowing the Carnegie Medal with attendance at Carnegie Day – a day of reviews, presentations, discussions and celebrations with students from other West Oxfordshire secondary schools.
  • Book fairs and book sales


Accelerated Reader

The school has invested in the Accelerated Reader program, for the past six years. This is a proven reading program to help progress students’ literacy levels.  Burford is targeting Year 7 students, who will be reading for 20 minutes each day at school.  Students sit a preliminary test to establish their reading level and then select a book from the Library which is at the right level for them; something that challenges their current skills, but not to the extent of being off-putting. Whenever they read and finish a book, students sit a test to assess they have understood what they have read.   If they achieve 85% or above, they can then move on to the next level.  Their names are displayed on the Star Reader board and entered into a draw to win an Amazon token.  This has proved to be a great motivator.


Library Lessons

Library skills lessons are offered to all Year 7 students by the Librarian.  Students learn about fiction and non-fiction, as well as how to use the Dewey Decimal System and our Library Management System, ‘Oliver’; how to research homework projects and how to reference their sources correctly. To put all their new skills into action students are finally required to undertake a research project and present it as a leaflet or poster. Lessons are normally completed before the October half term.

Year 8 Library Lessons

Each year we hold monthly library lessons for Year 8 students to continue to foster the enthusiasm for reading and the Library started in Year 7.


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