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Business & Enterprise

Business is taught as a GCSE and Enterprise is taught as a BTEC option from Year 10 and 11. At A-level students can study Business. It is a well-established and popular subject and there are typically three GCSE classes and two BTEC classes each year. Students can choose to take Business at A-level, even if they have not taken the subject at GCSE.


Staff and facilities

The Business, Enterprise and Economics Department is led by Mrs R Ford who is supported by three further members of staff.

The department is housed in two new classrooms within the languages block, with access to a suite of computers that provide the department with excellent information technology facilities.


National Young Enterprise Scheme
(Year 12 students)

For the past fifteen years Business students in Year 12 have taken part in the National Young Enterprise Scheme. The scheme allows students to form their own company, decide upon the production of a specific good or service and market their product or service to customers. Each Young Enterprise company has advisers from within the local business community who assist and support. They take part in workshops covering business planning, sales and marketing and compete against teams within Oxfordshire at trade fairs. Burford School continue to be successful at the area and regional finals.

The Young Enterprise National Tenner Challenge (Year 10 students)

Students in Year 10 have taken part in the National Tenner Challenge over the past five years. They have enjoyed considerable success and the project has given them a valuable insight into the world of business. Students dedicate their time to starting up a small business with just £10 and attend after school business coaching sessions every Thursday. Burford have been national winners for the past four years, competing with over 2,6000 students in the 15-19 age category.

YE and Tenner Article 2020



IFS Student Investor Challenge (School House Competition)

Students also participate in the IFS Student Investor Challenge and compete alongside schools from the United Kingdom and International Schools abroad. Through this they gain experience of the stock market, trading on a daily basis to increases the value of their shares and hve the opportunity to win a place in the final and the prize of a trip to New York.

Legal Apprentice (Year 12)

The Legal Apprentice is Kingsley Napley’s legal competition, in partnership with The Times Newspaper, for students in school or college in Years 12 or equivalent. The Legal Apprentice gives students a unique opportunity to find out, through personal experience, exactly what it is like to be a solicitor. It also offers the chance to understand the nuances between legal practices such as Criminal, Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Employment law. Most importantly, The Legal Apprentice helps students decide if a career in law as a solicitor is something they might want to pursue – whether they had considered it before or not. In 2018-19 the school had 4 teams who successfully completed all three rounds and all finished in the top 30% nationally.

Key Stage 4

Edexcel GCSE Business

Businesses range from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts. Students benefit from developing an understanding of how these contexts impact on business behaviour, apply business concepts to familiar and unfamiliar contexts and use business terminology to identify and explain business activity.

Students develop problem-solving and decision-making skills relevant to business, investigate, analyse and evaluate business opportunities and issues and make justified decisions using both qualitative and quantitative data, including its selection, interpretation, analysis and evaluation, and the application of appropriate quantitative skills.

BTEC Tech Award Level 2 in Enterprise

A BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise is the ideal qualification to give students an awareness of the variety of interesting opportunities that are available. They explore how businesses plan for success and understand the market itself. Students have the opportunity to explore what it means to set up and run a business enterprise, develop key skills and discover potential careers. BTEC Tech Award qualifications are practical, work-related courses. The work that students complete, the assignments that they write and their performance in certain situations is assessed continuously throughout the course. Students adopting this course have the opportunity to gain the equivalent of one GCSE.

Key Stage 5: AQA A-level Business 

No prior knowledge of Business is assumed for this A-level course so students begin by becoming familiar with what businesses are, as well as their organisational structures, leadership and decision making potential. Particular focus is applied to considering business performance in the areas of marketing, operational management, finance and human resources.

In Year 13 students deepen their understanding by analysing the strategic performance of businesses and evaluating which specific strategic path a business should follow. A range of options for pursuing a chosen path are considered as well as alternative ways to assess performance and manage change.


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