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Child Development

Child Development is an option choice available to students in Years 10 and 11 at GCSE level. The course is a BTEC Level 2 Tech Award allowing students to gain knowledge of the factors affecting children’s growth and development with the benefits of a practical learning environment.

Students studying Child Development have the opportunity to learn about real life situations with a focus on the characteristics of and the factors affecting a child’s growth and development between birth and five years old. It includes how children play and demonstrate how children’s learning can be supported through play activities.

Have you ever wondered why most children can walk before they can talk?

Do you know how singing nursery rhymes helps a child’s communication development?

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A variety of health professionals visit during the two year course to explain their roles. These include a midwife, a health visitor and a playgroup worker. The course involves practical activities such as observing young children brought into class, making resources suitable for toddlers investigating how the choice of toys and resources can benefit the different areas of a child’s development.

In addition, students take turns caring of our twins, Daisy and Dave. These dolls have the appearance of real babies and give students a realistic experience of the demands of feeding, nursing, changing and nurturing a baby over long periods and through the night.

The Child Development qualification can lead to further study at AS and A-level or allows entry into BTEC Level 3 National Children’s Care, Learning and Development or BTEC National in Health and Social Care or BTEC Level 2 Technical Diploma in Children’s Play, Learning and Development (Early Years Assistant).

It also prepares students to enter employment or apprenticeships, or for a move to higher education to study a degree in the early childhood areas or in related sectors such as nursing and social care, opening up career opportunities in nursery nursing, nursing, teaching and the caring professions.


The Child Development course is taught by Mrs L Speakman. She is assisted by one further member of staff.


Key Stage 4: BTEC Level 2 Tech Award Child Development


The course consists of five lessons a week and covers the following topics:

  • The characteristics of children’s development from birth up to five years
  • Factors that affect growth and development
  • The importance of play
  • How play promotes children’s learning and development
  • Reasons why children may need support
  • Child-friendly environments to support play, learning and development in children from birth to five years old
  • Supporting all children to learn and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, and adapting activities to support children’s play, learning and development


Students are taught how to:

  • Plan activities to support a child’s growth development
  • Understand how a child’s environment can impact their growth and development
  • Observe and interact with young children
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