During Key Stage 3 our students develop their abilities across all areas of Technology. Our high expectations and challenging concepts ensure that all students make rapid progress within the subject, using differentiated tasks, stretch and challenge opportunities and interventions being implemented where necessary. Often starting with no experience of technology, by the end of Key Stage 3 our aims are for our students to have developed their:

  • problem solving abilities and thoughts about the wider issues associated with design contexts.
  • practical skills, core subject knowledge and their desire to produce high quality outcomes.
  • knowledge of manufacturing processes both within the classroom and industrial practice including traditional and modern methods.
  • transferable skills they can enjoy in school and use in their future working lives.
  • independent learning opportunities through the use of homework and extra curricula activities.
  • understanding of the impact of technology on our modern world.
  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by investigating the moral responsibilities of responsibilities of food industries, designers and engineers to promote students who will make a positive contribution to society.