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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is an inspiring and challenging subject.  We provide a lively dynamic environment in which students have the confidence to create innovative ideas and the capability to bring their ideas to life.

A full range of specialisms is offered within the department giving students the option to concentrate on different areas of the subject.  A high proportion of students take this subject at GCSE and ‘A’ Level and as a result, by the time they leave school, have a high level of practical skills.

Staff and facilities

The Design and Technology department is led by Mr Love.  He is supported by five specialist teachers and three technicians. 

The department is extremely well catered for in terms of facilities with:

  • two specialist Food and Catering rooms
  • one Textiles room
  • one specialist Engineering room
  • two Resistant Materials rooms
  • a Systems and Control room equipped with a full set of computers
  • a Graphics room
  • a full ICT suite


Parental Support: 

Each year we set up a Parent Forum.  This is provided to enable parents to come along to the Department and understand the importance of Design and Technology.  Parents get the opportunity to discuss potential career paths for their children before students need to complete their option selections in Year 9.

In July we hold an Annual Exhibition to celebrate the achievements and extraordinary hard work of the GCSE and ‘A’ Level students.  Parents are invited to come and see the outstanding work on display.



The department runs a vast number of educational visits and takes part in national competitions.  These are organised to enrich the learning taking place within lessons.  Some of these include:

  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Harry Potter World
  • NEC Fashion Show
  • JSP Plastics manufacture
  • The 3D Printer Show


Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 students rotate between the different subjects which make up Design and Technology. This enables students to cover all aspects of the national curriculum through a very broad spectrum of topics.

In Year 7, students follow a broad skills based course and have the opportunity to work with resistant and compliant materials using CAD/CAM as well as traditional hand skills.  All Year 7 students study Food Technology focusing on healthy eating and producing a range of hot and cold dishes.

In Year 8 students once again follow the pattern of moving between subjects and this year the focus is on the continuation of skill development. A wide range of materials are further explored and Food Technology lessons see the introduction of more complex dishes.

Year 9 is when students are given the opportunity to select three technology subjects to focus on. This gives them the chance to experience the subject at a much deeper level and enables them to make a more informed choice for their GCSEs.  Under the new technology specifications students can opt between three GCSEs:-



Design & Technology (Where a range of shills will be taught including materials, graphics textiles and systems).


Key Stage 4:

         Eduqas GCSE  – Food Preparation & Nutrition

         Eduqas Technical Level 2 in Engineering    

         Eduqas GCSE – Design & Technology


D & T Food & Nutrition

Food Preparation & Nutrition is run by Mrs C Rose.

The new GCSE course – Food Preparation and Nutrition consists of two class based assessments. The first is a food investigation (15% of total marks) and the second is about food preparation (35% of total marks). Both will be taken in Year 11 accounting for a total of 50%of the GCSE marks. A written paper (1hr 45mins) will be sat at the summer of Year 11 making up the remaining 50% of the marks.

Students will learn about food preparation and develop a wide range of practical skills. They will also develop and deepen existing knowledge about commodities, diet and good health as well as the importance of provenance and the science behind food. They are also able to obtain their Food Hygiene certificate during Year 10.


Edudas Technical Level 2 in Engineering is run by: Mr S Love.

This is a vocational course aimed at students who are thinking of a career in engineering or want a more practical based subject. Equivalent to a GCSE, at Burford it is intended to allow students to either continue on to Engineering Level 3 at KS5 or go down the apprenticeship route.
For the majority of Year 10 the focus is on acquiring both practical, hand and machining skills as well as basic engineering drawing techniques, both manual and CAD based.  Students work on various projects ranging from candle holders to door knockers and there is a high volume of practical exercises for which students are expected to put in additional time to complete on time.

Engineering Level 2 is split into units and the assessment is both internally and externally. The Award consists of three mandatory units.

UnitGuided Learning HoursAssessment
Unit 1 (9791): Engineering Design30 GLHInternally assessed and externally moderated
Unit 2 (9792): Producing Engineering Products60 GLHInternally assessed and externally moderated
Unit 3 (9793): Solving Engineering Problems30 GLHExternally assessed


In Year 11 students do their controlled assessments, unit 1 and 2 are done during lesson time. Unit 3 is an external exam sat in the summer.


Design & Technology

Students will develop knowledge and understanding of a range of materials.  In depth knowledge and understanding of one material area will be taught through the controlled assessment project which is 50% of the qualification.




Key Stage 5:

                        AQA Level 3 Technical Level Engineering: Design Engineering.

                        Eduqas A-level Design & Technology

AQA Level 3 Technical Level Engineering: Design Engineering is run by Mr Love.

This is a new two year course and is one of the revised A-level courses aimed at the more technical/ vocational subject areas.  Students over the period of the course will cover the following four units;

  1. Materials Technology and Science ( External Exam)
  2. Mechanical Systems (Externally set and marked assignment)
  3. Engineering Design (Internally centre assessed)
  4. Production and Manufacturing. (Internally centre assessed)

In Year 12 students will complete a piece of practical work supported by a portfolio of work, every seven weeks, covering all aspects of Engineering from Health and Safety in the Workplace to Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Drawing. This is to allow students to cover Units 3 and 4 as well as gain the expertise to be able to undertake Units 1 and 2 in Year 13.

This is a very practical based subject and students will be expected not only to work to a very high standard of accuracy and quality of finish but be prepared to put in the extra time needed to complete the termly coursework deadlines.


Eduqas Product Design sets out to give students experience of all areas of Design and Technology.  By the time they complete the course they have the confidence and capability to develop creative ideas and bring them to life.

In Year 12 students are given ‘design and make’ tasks where they are expected to model as well as produce three dimensional products for each project and a portfolio of design work.

In Year 13 students build on the skills they have learnt in Year 12 and design and make a product of their choice from a brief of their choosing.

This is a linear qualification.  50% of the marks for A level Product Design come from the written exam and 50% from the design and make project.

This is an innovative course within Design and Technology, and is excellent preparation for University.




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