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The Mathematics Department is a highly successful department within the school and consistently achieves excellent results.

In 2017 our results were as follows:


GCSE Mathematics             Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics                       

9-7: 21%                                  A** – A:  60%

9-5: 67%                                  A** – C: 100%

9-4: 82%


AS Mathematics                 AS Further Mathematics

A* – B:  50%                          A* – B:  86%

A* – C:  78%                          A* – C: 100%

A* – E: 100%                        A* – E:  100%



Staff and facilities

Mrs-BrittenThe Mathematics Department has eight purpose built classrooms in a modern block. Each classroom is fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a range of supporting ICT software, which not only increases the students’ knowledge and confidence but also their enjoyment of the subject.

The Department is led by:

Mrs R Britton:


Mr R. Nunn:  is responsible for interventions at Key Stage 3.

Mr Letowski: is responsible for Year 10.

Mrs Hemming: is responsible for Key Stage 5.

Our dynamic team includes a further seven teachers whose specialisms include Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics.


Ensuring success

We are keen to ensure students make progress with their mathematics and run a ‘Catch Up Club’ most lunchtimes staffed by two teachers for all year groups. In addition we have a “Sixth-Form Drop-In” and after school revision classes up to Year 11.

Extending high achievers

The highest achieving students in Year 11 are given the opportunity to study Level 2 Further Mathematics as an additional mathematics qualification.

Making the most of new ways of learning

We subscribe to a number of websites to aid learning, including Mymaths  and MathsWatch and regularly take part in the UKMT “Mathematics Challenges” . We have also entered students in the team challenge.

Engaging with the whole school community

Each month the department posts a popular Puzzle of the month competition for students, staff and parents to enter.  We also have a twitter feed which has interesting facts and challenges to have a go at!


Key Stage 3:

Mathematics is a compulsory subject at Key Stage 3 with seven lessons over a fortnight taught in Years 7 and 9 and six lessons a fortnight in Year 8.  In Key Stage 3 pupils follow the content of the National Curriculum appropriate to their ability level. Pupils are taught in setted groups from Year 7 onwards. By assessing pupils’ progress in a variety of ways we are able to amend setting as required.

There are support groups for weaker pupils where they can improve their mathematics in a small encouraging environment. The content of the National Curriculum has been divided into 16 modules which are repeated each year at a higher attainment level. Pupils have home-access to online text books and assessment materials through Kerboodle.

In Year 9 we continue with Key Stage 3 until May and then begin the GCSE course.

Key Stage 4:

AQA GCSE Mathematics syllabus 8300

AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics GCSE syllabus 8360

AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics syllabus 4930

In September 2015 we started teaching the new GCSE syllabus 8300 at Key Stage 4.


Students cover topics from 6 strands:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics


GCSE Mathematics syllabus 8300 has a Foundation Tier (Grades 1 – 5) and a Higher Tier (Grades 4 – 9). Students will take three question papers at the same tier.


To challenge our highest attaining students, we also offer AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics GCSE as an additional GCSE.  This helps prepare them for ‘A’ Level Mathematics and clearly makes a difference to those students opting for AS and AS Further Mathematics in Year 12.

The emphasis within the GCSE Further Maths course is on higher order technical proficiency, rigorous argument and problem-solving skills.

For those who find mathematics challenging we offer an additional mathematics qualification (AQA Entry Level).  This is taken by set 8 during Year 10.



Key Stage 5: Edexcel ‘A’ level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

All students study Core Mathematics in Year 12 plus a choice of Mechanics, Statistics or Decision Mathematics. We have specialist staff to teach these options. Each student takes a total of three modules in Year 12 for AS and a further three modules in Year 13 for A2.

Students who are looking to extend their mathematics further also have the option in Year 12 to do AS Further Mathematics as an additional qualification, which is  extended into Year 13. This requires an additional three modules for each part. Some of these are taught with the main cohort and some in Further Mathematics time.

All units have weekly assignments and we run an after school “Sixth Form Drop-In” to help students with their work. Staff are also available at lunchtime and are always happy to give support to students.

Further useful resources can be found at the following sites:

New National Curriculum:

Corbett maths – excellent revision resources:

nrich – excellent extension resources:

Hegartymaths – a useful support site for ‘A’ Level:

TheMathsTeacher – video presentations of various topics:

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