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“Wherever there is number, there is beauty.”  Proclus

Mathematics provides the lifelong tools and the skills young people will require to solve many of the problems that they will face in adulthood.  Our curriculum will teach our students to apply numbers skills, work logically and systematically by using algebra, make and calculate measurements of shapes and analyse data to make predictions about the future.


Staff & Facilities

The Mathematics Department is led by Mr Craig, supported by a team of eleven teachers and two HLTAs, all of whom are subject specialists.

We use a variety of textbooks and software packages in class to support learning. Outside lessons, students have access to the following websites:  Years 7 – 11 (revision videos and questions) Years 7 – 13 (interactive lessons) Years 10 – 11 (GCSE revision)  Years 12-13 (Access to A-level textbooks) (Support for learning Times tables)

Login details will be available from your child’s Maths teacher.


Year 7 Parent Forum Presentation Oct 2021



We provide a monthly Maths challenge which keeps students, parents and teachers on their toes.

UK Maths challenges (Years 7 – 13): These are national competitions in which over 650,000 students compete to solve mathematical problems.

National Cipher challenge (Years 7 – 9): An after-school club in which teams from all over the country compete to decipher an encrypted message sent out each week.

Maths Club (Year 7): A weekly after-school club exploring mathematics through games and craft activities.

Countdown (Year 9): A house competition based on the popular TV show, where contestants compete to become house champions in front of a live audience.


Key Stages 3 & 4

Our curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at primary school and is accessible for all students, regardless of their prior learning. It provides a high level of challenge for everyone, yet at a suitable pace so that students have a solid understanding of the key concepts before they move on. A breakdown of the content we teach in Years 7 to 11 can be found in the link below.

Mathematics Years 7 – 11  

At the end of Year 11, all our students will sit the AQA GCSE Mathematics (8300) examination.

Additionally our highest attaining students may also take the AQA Level 2 certificate in Further Maths (8365); a challenging course that offers the ideal preparation for students wanting to progress to A-level Mathematics.

To ensure that all our students leave with a nationally recognised qualification in Mathematics, some may also be entered for the AQA Entry Level certificate in Mathematics (5930).


Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form, we offer the following courses in Mathematics:

  • Edexcel A-level Mathematics (9MA0)
    • This courses builds on the algebra and trigonometry taught at GCSE Mathematics and introduces calculus to our students.
  • Edexcel AS & A-level Further Mathematics (8FM0/9FM0)
    • This course extends the content taught in A-level mathematics and introduces new concepts such as complex numbers and polar coordinates.
  • AQA Level 3 certificate in Mathematical Studies (1350)
    • This course focusses on applied mathematical skills including finance and data analysis




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