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Modern Foreign Languages

Bienvenue dans Le département de langues vivantes

Bienvenidos al departamento de lenguas extranjeras

Willkommen bei der Fachschaft Deutsch!

Staff and facilities

The Department is led by Ms Santovety. She is supported by five further specialist teachers.


Cultural exchanges and trips

The department runs trips annually to Brittany in France and The Rheinland and Berlin in Germany.  In addition there is a Spanish exchange with a school in Seville.



Year 7 & 8 trip to Brittany

At present all Year 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to experience a four-day residential trip to Brittany in July. Students stay in Centre Lepage (in Le Quiou), a sole occupancy accommodation, with a dining room, a large games room (table tennis, badminton court, pool table), dorms and bathrooms. The owner is French and runs activities for the group (petanque and a quiz) in the evening. During the day, students visit Le Mont Saint-Michel, Dinan, an oyster farm in Cancale, Saint Malo (the old town and the aquarium) and go to Arromanches 360 to watch a short film on the 100 days of Normandy.



Year 10 Exchange visit to Seville

Each year, the Year 10 Spanish students take part in an exchange with a secondary school in Seville, in southern Spain. Students are hosted by a Spanish family for a week in the autumn and take part in many activities and trips to places of interest in and out of Seville, such as Cordoba and Jerez. They also attend their partner’s school for a day.

This exchange allows students to experience the lifestyle and culture of the country whilst improving their language skills. During the spring term the Spanish students come to England where they stay with their exchange families and enjoy a full schedule of excursions with their English partner.



Year 8 trip to the Rheinland

In June Year 8 students have the opportunity to visit the Rheinland in Germany. Based in the beautiful town of Boppard, students spend three days visiting local attractions, soaking up the culture and making use of their German. Visits are arranged to Rheinfels Castle in St Goar and the historic city of Koblenz. Students also take a boat trip along the Rhine and a chairlift to the famous Vierseenblick viewing area.

The trip also includes a visit to an Eiscafe (Ice cream restaurant) where students have the chance to sample a Spagetti-Eis and various other sugary, ice-creamy delights! The trip is always very popular with the students and regularly heavily oversubscribed.


Year 10 trip to Berlin

In November there is  three day trip to Berlin for Year 10.  The trip is aimed at GCSE German students, giving them the opportunity to use their high level of German in realistic situations and experience the culture and history of this exceptional capital city.



Language Leader Award

The Language Leadership Programme is very popular at Burford. The programme allows pupils to develop their leadership skills as well as communication and public speaking abilities. The Language Leaders take on an active role of language ambassadors, who organise and help run MFL events throughout the year.

The most popular events that the Language Leaders get involved with are the Year 4 MFL day, Spanish Forum Parents’ Evening and the Argentinian School Talk. During the course, the Language Leaders work in teams to prepare and deliver engaging language lessons to our partnership primary schools. There are different teams that represent all of the languages taught at Burford: French, German and Spanish. It is a very rewarding programme which improves students’ language skills and boosts their confidence.


MFL Day at Oxford University

Each year ten students in Year 9 are selected to take part in the Year 9 MFL day at Oxford University.  Students listen to a talk about language, learn a new language in thirty minutes, subtitle a film in French, German or Spanish and listen to Language undergraduates explaining the importance of studying languages beyond secondary school.


Argentinian Visitors

Each September we welcome a group of Argentinian students who are on a sports tour of the British Isles. During their visit, they do a presentation to our Year 9 students about their country, their diverse landscape, food and culture. We have been entertained with some tango dancing and been able to taste some delicacies such as dulce de leche tortas.


Year 10 MFL Plays

Year 10 students are invited every year to attend a play in French, German or Spanish at Tudor Hall School, Banbury.

The language used, is of a suitable level for GCSE students enabling them to understand the story line. Excellent acting and visual clues aid comprehension and the experience is enjoyed by everyone.


Key Stage 3

Modern Foreign Languages are compulsory at Key Stage 3.  Year 7 students study Spanish as their main language and half the year group also study German whilst the other half study French. They continue to study both languages in Year 8 and in Year 9 and are taught in mixed ability groups.

Key Stage 4:

        AQA GCSE French

        AQA GCSE Spanish

        AQA GCSE German


We offer French, German and Spanish GCSE courses.  The work at GCSE is an extension of the language skills acquired at Key Stage 3, which is why we only accept students who have studied the language before.

Year 10 students follow the AQA syllabus and are assessed in the four skill ares of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Each is work 25% of their final Languages grade.

At KS4 students develop confidence, independence and creativity through the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  They explore the differences and similarities between other languages and English and learn how languages can be manipulated and applied in different ways.  They develop an understanding of the structure of another language and gain an insight into the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work.

Please note: Students can only take a GCSE in the language(s) they have student at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 5: Edexcel A-level French

                         Edexcel A-level German

                         Edexcel A-level Spanish


Studying a Modern Foreign Language at A-level opens up a wealth of opportunities for students whether it is for work, leisure or further study.  Students will develop and improve upon the skills already acquired equipping them with specific skills sought after in most areas of employment.

Students can only take an A-level in a language they have studied at Key Stage 4.

Burford students study two-year A-level courses in French, German or Spanish. We are flexible in supporting bilingual students who might want to be entered for A-level languages as an extra A-level.

At A-level students are tested in the four traditional skills and they complete final exams at the end of the two-year course.  They study cultural and historical topics as well as literature and films.

Please note: Students can only take an A-level in the language(s) they have studied at Key Stage 4.


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