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Travel & Tourism


Travel & Tourism is offered to students at Key Stage 4. It comprises both written and practical work and is a popular choice amongst students thinking of working in the hospitality industry.

The course aims to develop a wide range of skills.  These include the academic skills of writing, presentations and critical thinking as well as vocational skills such as decision making, communication and organisational skills. Students develop these skills through a range of tasks, for example, planning holidays, creating travel brochures or even writing newspaper articles on current issues within the industry.



The Travel & Tourism course is led by Mr J Belmont.



After school and lunchtime clubs are available for students who may need additional help to structure their coursework.  These sessions ensure that all students are supported with each of their coursework tasks.



Key Stage 4:

BTEC First Award Level 1/2 Travel and Tourism (2018) Pearson

Travel and Tourism is a BTEC Vocational Course offered at GCSE. The course looks into the different facets of the Travel and Tourism industry, from understanding the jobs that allow the industry to operate to thinking about the customer experience.

The course is designed to equip students with the skills they need for the next steps in their life.


Structure of the course

75% of the final grade is made up from coursework that students complete in the classroom and at home. The coursework units are marked with a * below. Unit 1 is the only externally assessed unit, which is in the form of one written exam in January of Year 11.

Unit 1: The Travel and Tourism Sector

Unit 2: UK Travel and Tourism Destinations and Gateways*

Unit 3: The Customer Experience*

Unit 5: Factors affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism*


Stretch and Challenge

The grading structure allows every student to be able to achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction.  This encourages students to challenge themselves towards achieving beyond their expectations. Challenge tasks are incorporated into each lesson in the form of extension tasks which provide opportunities for research, wider thinking and decision making. A range of different Travel and Tourism blogs and podcasts are listed within the student handbook and these allow students to deepen their knowledge of the subject.


Access for SEN students

The Travel and Tourism course offers support for SEN students. As the majority of the work is assessed through coursework this allows students to undertake their projects using programs such as Word and PowerPoint. Each piece of coursework comes with an Assignment Brief, where the instructions for each task are broken down into manageable and achievable chunks.

The dedicated support from classroom teachers is further enhanced by the excellent one-to-one teacher assistant support provided by The Learning Zone.  These assistants help students break down each task, set during lessons and for coursework, ensuring that they fully understand the instructions and go on to complete the work. In addition students are offered after school and lunchtime clubs for further support.

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