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English as an Additional Language

As part of the school’s continued drive to support and challenge all students within the curriculum, we provide additional provision for students who have English as an Additional Language (EAL).

All students whose first language is not English undertake tests to ascertain their level of English to pinpoint areas in which they may benefit from support.

Students receive additional language support within a timetabled lesson in order to access all areas of the curriculum. Students’ progress is measured on a regular basis to ensure that the support provided is at the correct level and within the right area.

In Key Stage 3 the main focus is on written and spoken English alongside spelling, punctuation and grammar.

In Key Stage 4 there is a greater focus on utilising the skills acquired at Key Stage 3 for use in their GCSE course and in exams.

In Key Stage 5 the students focus on their skills within Reading, Writing Listening and Speaking with more academic rigor. At the end of the year the students take the Cambridge IELTS exam to support their progression to University and the World of work.

Mr S Bassett is responsible for the EAL provision and can be contacted at any time.



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