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‘Students have equal opportunities to succeed. The most able students are challenged very well.’ Ofsted 2014


Miss L Cotham is the member of staff responsible for the More Able activities from Years 7-11.

The overriding aim of the More Able provision at Burford School is to ensure that each student in our care is stretched, challenged and supported to achieve his/her potential and that they enjoy their learning. This is achieved in a number of ways, as detailed below.


Ideas To Get You Thinking…

A termly More Able bulletin containing enrichment opportunities and competitions

More Able Bulletin Term 1 – Sept 2021

More Able Bulletin Term 2 – Nov 2021

More Able Bulletin Term 3 – Jan 2022

More Able Bulletin Term 4 – March 2022


Pupil Profiles:

Each student identified as overall More Able has a MA Pupil Profile. This is a confidential document which contains a range of information, from CAT scores and Mensa test results to each child’s strengths, interests, preferred style of learning and personal ambitions. The Pupil Profile is reviewed once a year. These documents are confidential and teachers are expected to use them in their planning in order to improve each child’s learning experience.


Academic Monitoring:

At each Review point, the progress of all students in Years 7-11 identified as overall More Able is monitored by the MA Co-ordinator. She then meets with students to discuss their progress and to agree interventions as appropriate.


Academic Enrichment:

There are a range of events, trips and clubs available to More Able students, some are detailed below:

  • TED-Ed Club: TED is an American organisation whose goal is to “spread great ideas to a global audience through a variety of different media”. You may have heard of TEDTalks; these are twenty minute talks given by experts in their field on a vast range of topics. TED-Ed is the educational arm of TED and this club is part of network of school-based clubs in 42 countries across the world. The club is a place for pupils to meet like-minded people, learn research, presentation and animation skills by developing a ‘big idea’ which will be presented in the form of a short TED-style talk. Each week, pupils work on their ‘big idea’ and how to present it to a formal audience. These TED-style talks will be presented to parents one evening in Term 5. The club is open to pupils in Years 7-11 and is supported by Year 12 Senior Leaders.


  • Visit to Oxford University: Year 10 students are offered the opportunity to visit Trinity College, Oxford, to her a talk about studying at Oxford University and to have a tour of the college.

Further opportunities arise throughout the year; the options depending on their suitability for one or more year groups. Students are keep informed of all opportunities relevant to them.


More Able students in the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form we aim to capitalise on the achievements of our More Able students. We have high expectations for them and instil a determination to excel. To support this we offer a wide range of opportunities to help them realise the highest of academic goals. Sixth Form Enrichment Page.

Mrs C Rose is responsible for the More Able activities in the Sixth Form.

Opportunities for More Able students in the Sixth Form include:

  • ‘Accelerated Learning’ Group – MA students meet regularly to take part in discussion and debate, which is aimed at developing higher order thinking skills and encouraging independent thought on current global issues. Students choose the topic and are given material to read/listen to/watch before the discussion.
  • Research and development of Oxplore topics. Oxplore is a site set up by Oxford University to help students drill down into some of the most relevant subjects of the day. They provide a wide range of sources for research, enabling students to develop their own opinions and ideas.
  • Targeted and comprehensive help with Oxbridge applications including;
    • Oxbridge Conference – provides subject specific information on Oxford and Cambridge, giving students access to admissions tutors.
    • Mock interviews with specialists to help prepare students for the rigors of any university interviews they may be called for.
    • Visits (when possible) to Oxbridge link colleges e.g. Taster days at Peterhouse, Cambridge and Trinity College, Oxford
  •  Individual help with Sutton Trust and UNIQ summer school applications – notice about when application are open for both summer schools
  • Guest speakers from leading universities
  • Targeted interviews monitoring academic progress
  • Academic mentoring from staff; this links students to teachers with common academic interests promoting wider knowledge of the subject outside the examined specification.
  • TED lectures on a range of current issues, some are tailored to arts or sciences and some are general topics e.g. our first topic is about the consequences of disseminating ‘fake news’ with a discussion afterwards about the issues that have arisen in the lecture.

Students are regularly up-dated on opportunities to attend conferences/tutorials about the subject they have chosen to take at university and targeted applications e.g. medicine and dentistry. Information regularly sent to students include;

    • Careers conference for potential doctors and lawyers
    • Careers conference for scientists and mathematicians
    • Subject masterclasses at Cambridge
    • UNIQ and Sutton Trust summer schools
    • Cambridge English essay competition
    • Nuffield Foundation placements
    • Studying Medicine and Dentistry at Western European universities
    • Guide to writing personal statements for potential medics
    • Tutorials about applying for medicine, nursing and dentistry
    • Applications to Corpus Christi, Cambridge for master classes
    • Jesus College Oxford – Maths and Law taster days
    • Reading Scholars programme
    • Pathways to Law programme (Oxford University)
  • Burford is a recognised Exam centre for additional university admissions exams. This covers Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry applicants.



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