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The Learning Zone offers personalised learning to enable all students to reach their full potential.

Stuart BassettMr S Bassett: is Head of the Learning Zone and is also responsible for EAL, Pupil Premium, ‘Catch Up’ and Interventions.



Key contacts within the department are:

Miss G Nielsen – Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Mrs G Hudson Head of the Special Educational Needs team.

In the Learning Zone gifted and talented students are prepared for a path towards Oxbridge.  Outstanding provision is made for students with additional needs. Tailor made curriculums are provided to engage every student in their learning journey and ensure they fulfil their potential.

Students who benefit from the Learning Zone are those:

  • eligible for ‘Catch Up’ Premium who did not reach Level 4 in Literacy and Numeracy at Key Stage 2 SATs tests
  • who have English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • with Special Educational Needs
  • eligible for Pupil Premium Funding
  • who are gifted and talented


To ensure that all of students within the Learning Zone reach their potential, a variety of Interventions are run to either stretch or support them.  Each Intervention has a clear entry and exit criteria to ensure that the correct students are involved and that good progress is made.

  • In Year 7, Literacy and Numeracy support is given to students who did not reach Level 4 in their Key Stage 2 SATs tests (‘Catch Up’ Students).
  • EAL students receive targeted support to ensure they can access all areas of the curriculum and develop Reading, Writing and Language skills.
  • Students with Special Educational Needs receive additional support enabling them to access all areas of the curriculum and acquire the reading and writing skills necessary to complete external exams and so reduce the need for exam concessions.
  • Students eligible for Pupil Premium gain targeted support within all areas of the curriculum (if needed) to ensure that they make good progress across their best eight subjects.
  • Gifted and Talented students receive additional support to stretch and develop their skills, raising future aspirations and opening up new pathways.


The Bridge

The Bridge Burford School There may be times in a student’s life when, due to factors such as illness, bereavement or trauma of some kind, when they need some space to re-adjust before re-integrating fully into school.  For these situations we have, ‘The Bridge’; an area within our Learning Zone which provides a structured link back to the classroom.  The staff responsible for ‘The Bridge’ direct, guide and support students with a range of different needs and the provision of personalised timetables can be accommodated.

Housed in a light modern building, the centre is exceptionally well resourced and promotes independent learning.  Staff work with students to help them develop study skills, manage their time effectively, cope in difficult situations, diffuse conflicts and manage emotions.



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