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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards



Burford School offers all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold. At each level, students have to complete four distinct sections: volunteering, physical, skills, and an expedition. These activities, which vary in length depending on the level of the award, help students to develop a range of qualities and skills which are of benefit to them at school and beyond.  We place a high value on the Awards and the uptake by students is exceptionally high at all three levels.

We are extremely lucky at Burford School to have a large number of skilled and knowledgeable volunteers to help us to deliver the DofE expeditions to our participants. This enables us to offer the Award to a large number of students. We are able to deliver the Silver and Gold Awards expeditions using our volunteers, which helps to keep the cost of our expeditions down to a minimum, but it also allows us maximum flexibility in terms of where and when we run our expeditions. At Bronze Award level, we employ an AAP (Approved Activity Provider) to deliver the training for the expedition section, due to the large number of participants.

A charge is made for registration onto the Award and for the expeditions.  This can be made in installments over a period of time. Our online payment system is the most efficient way to pay and allows parents to keep track of the required balance.

If students are not able to afford the expedition cost, we have a number of ways that we can find funding to support these families, so no student should be unable to take part in the Awards if they want to.

For more information about our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, contact our Award Leader, Mr D Warren, at

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