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School Trips

Supporting the curriculum

As part of the School’s continuing drive to stretch all students, academic visits, trips and excursions are provided to reinforce and extend knowledge within the different subject areas. From visiting the trenches of World War 1 to developing scientific experiments at the Appleton and Rutherford Laboratories, attending the German Market in Birmingham and experiencing the effects of earthquakes at the Natural History Museum in London, each of the visits is designed to open up new experiences, encourage questioning and help students gain a thirst for learning.

Discovering friends – building bonds


To help students settle into their new life at Burford all Year 7s are encouraged to take part in a short residential trip within their first two weeks of school.   This allows them to get to know some of the school’s teaching and support staff and spend time with other students across the year group, cementing new relationships and bonding as a unit. When they return to school after their trip there is always a new air of confidence and ease about them.

Exploring the world through sport

A number of trips offered to different year groups are intended to enrich the lives of our students, challenging them physically and encouraging the development of new friendships through adventurous activities. There are always a large number of students in Year 8 who sign up for the fun packed week of water sports in Spain and from Year 9 onwards, the annual ski trip is a great highlight. The PE department organises a major sports trip to Australia every few years giving many students a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

Moving on from school

In order to raise future aspirations, there are a number of specific excursions designed to prepare students for university and the world of work.  Each year Sixth Form students are introduced to the Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities with visits to Open Days and Taster Day workshops. We visit Peterhouse College in Cambridge (Moving on in Sixth From) early in the Spring Term and encourage students to attend a residential at the College during the Easter vacation.  Running alongside this, visits are also arranged, together with work experience days, to cutting edge engineering industries – such as the Formula 1 Lotus Team.

Paying online

To make budgeting and payments easier all trips, visits and excursions can be paid for using the school’s online payment system; larger trips being managed in instalments. Students receiving Pupil Premium Funding are often eligible with financial support for academic trips and excursions, ensuring that no student is prohibited from taking part.


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