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Adverse Weather Closure

Emergency Closure Plan

The decision to shut the school is a serious one and the need is usually related to poor weather conditions.  In such a situation the decision is based upon answers to the following questions:

  • Is the school site safe for:
    • Motor vehicles
    • Pedestrians
  • Will the buses be able to run through the villages?
  • Can sufficient staff safely get to school for the school to be able to open?
  • What advice have we been given by:
    • OCC
    • National weather organisations


As soon as the Headteacher makes the decision to close the school the information is placed on the homepage of the school website.  It is also:

  • posted on the school’s social media sites – Instagram and Twitter
  • sent out via Parentmail (please make sure you are registered)
  • sent to OCC – who will put the information on their website
  • sent to Jack FM, Heart FM, Radio Oxford – who will broadcast the closure at regular intervals.
  • sent to the Oxford Mail who will list it on the online version of the paper.


The school reception may not be manned under these circumstances.



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