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Regular attendance and punctuality to school and to lessons is essential for all students to make good progress and achieve their academic potential. Attendance is a key performance indicator within the school.

90% in a test is a good result.

90% attendance is not.  It is the same as having nearly 4 weeks off school in a year. 

See the grid below:

Regular attendance is vital for success both at Burford School and in the work place.

Good attendance constitutes 95% and above.

19 days of school missed = 90% attendance = 1 GCSE grade drop. (Average)


Every student at Burford School is expected to maintain a minimum attendance level of 96%. Attendance and punctuality is monitored and recorded daily.  Attendance Awards are given to every year group and students with 98% attendance and above are entered into a termly prize draw.

Holidays, shopping, birthday treats, non-urgent medical and dental appointments and events should never fall within learning time and permission for such absences cannot be authorised.

Applying for authorised absence

Amendments to the 2006 regulations make clear that Headteachers may no longer grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Should you need to request permission for absence in exceptional circumstances the request must be made, in writing, directly to the Headteacher, with as much lead time as possible. Please use the Leave of Absence Form. If permission is granted, the Headteacher will determine the number of school days a student can be absent.

Absence due to ill health

Should a student be away from school due to ill health it is important that the Attendance Officers are informed.  They will note the absence and prevent an unauthorised absence being recorded.

They should be contacted on their direct lines before registration at 8.30am.

Mrs Marshall – Years 7-11: 01993 825344

Mrs Alcock – Years 12-13: 01993 825313

Details can also be sent via the Absence form on parentmail.

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