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School Uniform

Our school uniform is simple, comfortable and smart, establishing a professional atmosphere and a sense of belonging within the school without distracting from the main focus of teaching and learning.

To view our school uniform list, click: School Uniform 2022-2023

Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly with shirt sleeves rolled down, top button and tie done up; and skirts at knee length. The school reserves the right to remove students from mainstream classes who do not wear their uniform in the correct manner, and to inform parents immediately. Support from parents in ensuring that uniform is correctly worn is essential in helping to establish a sense of responsibility and professionalism in each student.

Summer Uniform is worn in Term 6. Students can choose to wear a white polo shirt bearing the school logo instead of the winter long sleeved shirt, tie and blazer.

Purchasing uniform

All of our uniform, such as skirts and trousers for girls and those items with the school logo, are supplied by Wreal Sports. If these items are purchased elsewhere they must have the school logo embroidered onto them and the skirts and trousers must be of the specified styles. An embroidery service is provided by Wreal Sports for those who purchase items from other outlets. There is a £6 charge per item for embroidery. (Please note that items need to be assessed by Wreal Sports before embroidery can be completed to ensure they are suitable for embroidery). Non-specific items of clothing can also be bought from Wreal Sports or from any other retailer.  If in doubt, please contact the school prior to purchasing items. Ties, which denote each student’s School House, and blazer badges are available from the Finance Office.

Lost Property

In the unfortunate event that your child does lose something, they should:

  1. Visit the last area they were in. If the item is not there, they should retrace their steps and check all classrooms/areas they have been in that day.
  2. If they are still unable to find their lost item, they should go to Reception to see if it has been handed in. Please note that it may take a few days before lost items are handed to Reception.


Labelled items will be promptly returned to owners. Lost property that is not labelled will be held for up to six weeks. At the end of each half term, it will be placed on display in the Hall. Any lost property not claimed will be donated to a charity.

Sixth Form Dress Code

In the Sixth Form students are no longer required to wear uniform.  They are expected to be presentable and smart in their appearance.  Hoodies are not permitted except on days when money is being raised for charity.

To view our sixth form dress code, which all sixth form students are required to follow, click: Sixth Form Dress Code 2022-2023

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