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Transport to School

General Information

Please note that school transport arrangements can vary from year to year.

School transport places need to be applied and are normally allocated for the duration of a school year. If school transport is required for a subsequent school year, a further application needs to be made.

Applications for school transport places start to be taken from May in any school year for the next school year starting in September. As places are limited, it is recommended that you apply early to secure a place and in any event before the end of the school Summer term in mid-July.

Applications received after mid-July may be unlikely to secure a school transport place from September.

Students in Years 7-11

For students who qualify for free school transport their entitlement is determined by OCC and transport passes are issued by them. Applications where students are required to pay for school transport, in most cases need to be made to the transport operator directly to reserve a seat.

Sixth Form students

Students attending Sixth Form are required to apply and pay for school transport if this is required. Places are subject to availability on particular routes with the application process being the same for students in Years 7-11.

Financial support

The Headteacher holds a Student Support Fund which has limited funds available to provide financial support to families for the cost of school transport. Applications for financial support need to be made in writing to the Headteacher by completion of the relevant form and providing supporting documentation. Each case is considered on an individual basis and within the funding available which varies from year to year. Anybody wanting to apply should contact the school in the first instance.

School Late Bus Service

The school provides a late bus service to provide a means of transportation for those students who attend after-school activities on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. (Please note that there is no late bus service on Wednesdays and Friday evenings).

Students needing to use the late bus service need to sign-up for a late bus pass at either break or lunchtime at the Finance Office on the day they need to use the service. At 2.00pm passenger lists are finalised and for insurance purposes cannot be added to.

If students, subsequently do not require their late bus pass they must inform the Finance Office, as their non-arrival may delay the departure of the late bus.

After-school activities commence once the normal school day has finished at 3.00pm and run until 4.30pm. Late buses arrive at 4.30pm and depart from the school at 4.40pm.

The school provides two late buses. One bus travels north from Burford and the other goes south. The Bakers late bus, which runs north, stops at Minster Lovell, Field Assarts, Leafield, Ascott-under Wychwood, Milton, Shipton and Upper Rissington. The Pulhams late bus, which runs south, stops at Bradwell Village, Shilton, Alvescot, Langford, Filkins, Lechlade, Clanfield, Black Bourton, Bampton, Brize Norton and Carterton. These two buses provide a means of transport for all students to access, which primarily serve destinations within the boundary of the original school catchment area.

The service aims to ensure that students using the late buses do not have more than an hour’s travel time, so the last drop-off is aimed to be no later than 5.45pm however, drop-off times can vary depending upon how many students are travelling on each late bus and how many stops need to be made on a particular evening.


School Transport Routes/Providers 2022/23


BF01 – 100 Seats

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Milton-under-Wychwood – High Lodge Farm 07:35 15:40
Milton-Under-Wychwood – Jubilee Lane/High St. 07:40 15:35
Milton-Under-Wychwood – The Hare P.H. 07:45 15:30
Milton-Under-Wychwood – Village Hall 07:46 15:29
Milton-Under-Wychwood – Opp. Post Office 07:50 15:25
Burford School 08:05 15:10


Operator: Barnes Coaches, E: T: 01793 821303

Organiser: OCC, passes issued by OCC, E:


BF02 – 59 seats

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Upper Rissington – Farmen Crescent 07:30 15:55
Idbury – Idbury Road Turn 07:35 15:50
Fifield Bus Shelter 07:40 15:45
Bruern – Home Farm Cottages 07:46 15:39
Bruern – Grange Cottages 07:47 15:38
Bruern – Jnc. Off Bruern Road 07:48 15:37
Lyneham Bus Stop 07:52 15:33
Shipton-Under-Wychwood – Red Horse 07:57 15:28
Shipton-Under-Wychwood – Cricket Club 07:57 15:28
Burford School 08:15 15:10


Operator: Pulham and Sons Coaches, E: T: 01451 820369 W:

Organiser: OCC, passes issued by OCC (free transport), E: (fee payers)


BF03 – 57 seats

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Shipton-Under-Wychwood – Five Ways 07:45 15:25
Ascott-Under-Wychwood – Dawls Close 07:50 15:30
Ascott-Under-Wychwood – Stop by Church 07:51 15:31
Shipton-Under-Wychwood – Meadow Lane 07:57 15:37
Fulbrook, Bus Stop – War Memorial 08:05 15:45
Burford School 08:15 15:10


Operator: Rebound Coaches Ltd, E: T: 01993 852781

Organiser: OCC, passes issued by OCC (free transport), E: (fee payers)


BF04 – 82 seats

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Chadlington, Opp Slaters Butchers 07:18 15:57
Spelsbury 07:23 15:52
Charlbury, Nine Acres Lane, New Barn Garage 07:28 15:47
Charlbury, Ditchley Road 07:31 15:44
Charlbury, Opp.Dancers Hill 07:32 15:43
Charlbury, Opp Londis (Outside Fire Station) 07:33 15:42
Finstock, Leafield Crossroads 07:40 15:35
Finstock, High Street, Primary School (PM only) n/a 15:34
Leafield, Lower End 07:42 15:33
Leafield, The Green, Opp Fox PH 07:45 15:30
Burford School 08:05 15:10


Operator: Pulhams Coaches, E: T: 01451 820369

Organiser: Pulhams, passes issued by Pulhams Coaches, apply


BF05 – 102 seats

Pick-Up Point/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Black Bourton, Station Rd Bus Stop 07:30 15:45
Black Bourton, Memorial 07:31 15:43
Bampton Market Square 07:35 15:40
Brize Norton 07:42 15:33
Minster Lovell, Bushy Ground Bus Stop 07:49 15:26
Minster Lovell, Brize Norton Rd, Opp.Shops 07:50 15:25
Minster Lovell, Opp.Spar Shop 07:52 15:23
Minster Lovell, Horse & Radish Pub 07:53 15:22
Whitehall Cottages 07:54 15:21
Worsham Turn 07:55 15:20
Burford School 08:05 15:10


Operator: Pulhams Coaches, E: T: 01451 820369

Organiser: Pulhams, passes issued by Pulhams Coaches, apply


BF06 – 76 seats

Pick Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Clanfield, Bus Shelter, Main Street 07:25 16:02
Clanfield, Plough Hotel 07:27 16:00
Alvescot, Memorial 07:35 15:50
Langford, Village Hall Bus Stop 07:45 15:42
Filkins, War memorial 07:50 15:37
Carterton, Upavon Way, Stanmore Crescent 08:00 15:27
Carterton, Shilton Road, Cotswold Way 08:02 15:25
Burford School 08:15 15:10


Operator: Pulhams Coaches, E: T: 01451 820369

Organiser: Pulhams, passes issued by Pulhams Coaches, apply


Rebound 1A – 78 seats

Pick Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Brize Norton, Primary School 07:35 15:30
Shilton Park, Co-Op 07:45 15:25
Carterton, Monahan Way 07:50 15:20
Burford School 08:05 15:10


Rebound 2 – 67 seats

Pick Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Bampton, Bottom of Weald Street 07:40 15:37
Bampton, Doctor’s Surgery 07:43 15:34
Carterton, Iron Bridge 07:55 15:22
Carterton, Corbett Road 08:03 15:17
Burford School 08:10 15:10


Rebound 3 – 64 seats

Pick Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Clanfield 07:45 15:32
Alvescot 07:50 15:27
Carterton, Richings Drive 07:54 15:23
Carterton Community College 07:55 15:22
Carterton, Brizewood 07:58 15:17
Carterton, Shillbrook Avenue 08:00 15:15
Burford School 08:05 15:10


Operator: Rebound Coaches

Organiser: Rebound Coaches, T: 01993 852781, M: 07766 492688 E:


School Organised Transport (Lechlade Route) – 53 seats

Pick Up/Drop-Off Point AM PM
Faringdon, Park Road – Swan Pub bus stop 07:00 16:25
Snowswick Lane – Coleshill Church 07:10 16:15
Snowswick Lane – South Cottage 07:15 16:10
Snowswick Lane – Junction with A417 07:18 16:07
Lechlade, A417 – St.John’s Priory Park bus stop 07:21 16:04
Lechlade, A361 – Bus stop near Jubilee Hall 07:26 15:59
Lechlade, A361 – Vennymore bus stop (near fuel station) 07:28 15:57
Little Faringdon – junction of Lechlade Road 07:32 15:53
Kelmscott Village – St.George’s Church 07:39 15:46
Grafton Village – Crossroads 07:47 15:38
Clanfield – Bus stop (near High House Close) 07:50 15:30
Black Bourton – Main Road (near turning for village) 07:52 15:25
Shilton Village – corner of Hen ‘n’ Chick Lane and Ford Road 08:02 15:23
Bradwell Grove – Village junction (bus will turn around at crossroads in village 08:07 15:18
Bradwell Village – entrance to Bradwell Village (PM vehicle will drop at village hall) 08:10 15:15
Burford School 08:15 15:10


Operator: PS Coaches, E: T: 01865 391794

Organiser: Burford School, E: T: 01993 823303

Stagecoach Bus Times from 29 August 2021 – Route Map for new H2 Journey & Existing 233 Service


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