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Reading Week 2021 Competitions

Reading Week 2021 Competitions

Mrs Cooper – School Librarian:

Book Mark Competition

We had a good number of entries for the Lower School Book Mark competition, which was run in conjunction with the Art Department.  Winners and runners up had their book marks published and copies of these are now available from the Library. The winner and runners up all received art sets as prizes.

  • 1st prize – Carlota Martinez 9PGR
  • 2nd prize – Charlie Dyer 7SRA
  • 3rd prize – Lyra Drake 8RP

The Anagram competition

Congratulations go to William Shadbolt of 8DTA (winner) and Archie Salsbury of 9REL (runner up) for correctly unscrambling the anagrams in our competition – no mean feat!  There were seven correct answers handed in, so it’s a shame we couldn’t have rewarded them all.

The Answers:

  1. The Subtle Knife by Pullman
  2. The Book of Hopes by Rundell
  3. The Hollow Boy by Stroud
  4. Electrigirl by Cotterill
  5. Wrecking Ball by Kinney
  6. Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
  7. The Deathless Girls by Kiran
  8. Death Sets Sail by Stevens
  9. Awful Auntie by Walliams
  10. Private Peaceful by Morpurgo

Poetry Competition

Many congratulations go to Gracie Lavers of 12ATO who won first prize for her wonderful poem, attached, ‘We have Time’.  The Poetry competition was run in conjunction with the English Department and was open to Year 10 and Year 12 students.

‘Hi, my name is Gracie Lavers, I’m in 12ATO and this is my poem inspired by someone going through cancer treatment.

We Have Time 

 It’s ok, we have time.

Embraced by a trembling shoulder, the familiar smell of perfume eases the tight knot wound in my stomach.

Tears slowly rise to the surface, hot, blurring my vision

You cradle me like you did when I was a small child, trying to protect me from the inevitable

It’s ok, we have time.

Music blasting into my ears, drowning out all the harrowing thoughts, sitting among a sea of dreary teens

Hugging my bag as if it were you, as if I could hug you like it was the last time

I remember what mum said when she told me the news

It’s ok, we have time.

I have never seen them cry before, not even a tear yet now the hard exterior begins to crumble. Don’t crumble.

Someone who is loved by so many has to go away.

You went away once but you came back to visit

Is it possible to visit once you’ve gone this time?

I don’t know if you can do that but what I do know is

It’s ok, we have time.

The little girl inside of me is crying out for you to hold her

She needs you here, she always has done but I’m older now.

I understand. It’s hard for me to process but I have to let you go.

I will wear your ring, the one that holds the memories

The silver band a constant reminder you’re here no matter where you go

Deep breaths.

It’s ok, we have time.

I hope when you leave, I’ll leave nothing unsaid

I can’t let you go without letting the little girl speak

I hope the sun shines where you’ll go, I hope he takes you in with open arms

I hope you won’t forget us when you start your new adventure.

Be brave for me

The doctors say we’re running out of time.