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Moving on from Primary

‘Leaders have good links with local primary schools so that they can fully support pupils on their arrival at secondary school’– Ofsted 2018


Moving on Burford School (1)The transition between primary and secondary education is a crucial period in a child’s education and a number of procedures are implemented at Burford to minimise any anxiety both for parents or students.  Whether students join us from within or beyond our Partnership Schools every effort is made to ensure that prior to their arrival they are familiar with the school and have met and started to get to know some of the staff who will be key to their life in Year 7.  There are opportunities for them to spend time in school with others who will be joining them as they begin their education with us.

Each year approximately 35% of our Year 7 intake comes from beyond our catchment area and we are sensitive to the importance of making those children feel part of the year group from the outset.

Pupils within the Burford Partnership begin their relationship with us when they first visit us in Year 2.  All year groups are regularly invited to take part in a range of events at which they not only become familiar with our staff and premises, but also meet other children who will be joining the school with them in Year 7.  Some of the events they are invited to share in include:

  • Dance events
  • Sporting activities
  • Gifted and Talented days
  • Science days
  • Year 5 Enrichment days
  • Technology Activity days

In addition, the staff and some Year 7 pupils, visit our Partnership Primary Schools to meet and develop positive relationships with the students whose education and well-being we will ultimately be responsible for.  These individuals include:

  • Headteacher
  • Assistant Headteacher with key responsibility for Pastoral Care
  • Head of Year 7
  • Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
  • Home-School Link Worker
  • Current Year 7 pupils formerly from each partnership school.

Year 6 Induction days

Moving on Burford School The Year 6 Induction Days, for pupils within and beyond our catchment area, take place during the summer term.  All pupils with a place at Burford in Year 7, spend two full school days with us.  This gives them the opportunity to meet the Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral), Head of Year and Form Tutor.  Prior to their arrival they will have been assigned to their Tutor Groups for Year 7, so they are able to meet and start getting to know their new classmates.

Throughout the two days the students take part in activities that encourage the development of new friendships, building their confidence and enthusiasm for their arrival in September.  At the end of the second day they go home on the school buses that they will use in September, and this helps to allay any fears regarding transport.

Orientation Days for non-partnership pupils

Pupils from Non-partnership Primary Schools, who may only have visited the school on an Open Day or a visit with parents, are invited to attend an additional orientation day, in advance of the programme listed above. This enables them to familiarise themselves with the school prior to the two inductions days to which all prospective Year 7 students are invited.


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