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Pastoral Care

“Students are invariably happy at school.  Bullying of any kind is incredibly rare and is dealt with very swiftly when it occurs”  Ofsted 2014

A student’s happiness and well-being are recognised as the foundation for their success and at Burford we believe that every child matters.  Effective pastoral care, therefore, underpins school life and our large and experienced Pastoral Team is designed to ensure that all pupils can thrive at Burford.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe team consists of:

  • Assistant Headteacher – with key responsibility for Pastoral Care
  • Heads of Year
  • Form Tutors
  • Home-School Link Worker
  • ‘Bridge’ Co-ordinator
  • A range of expert professionals
  • Independent Listener (for boarding students)

They play an important part in each student’s development and work closely with parents and external agencies as and when appropriate.

Our key pastoral aims include:

  • providing a safe, stimulating and enriching learning environment in which students and staff can realize their full potential.
  • providing equal opportunities for all students regardless of ability, religion, race, culture or gender.
  • promoting emotional intelligence.
  • promoting regular attendance and good behaviour as pre-conditions for maintaining high standards of achievement.
  • encouraging tolerance and understanding between all members of our community.
  • developing an understanding of personal responsibility.
  • encouraging students to grow up to become responsible, active members of the community.

The Bridge

There may be times in a student’s life when, due to factors such as illness, bereavement or trauma of some kind, they need some space to re-adjust before re-integrating fully into school.  For these situations we have, ‘The Bridge’; an area within our Learning Zone which provides a structured link back to the classroom.  The Bridge Coordinator, Mrs Wagner is responsible with the Head of Pastoral Care, Heads of Year and Form Tutors,  for guiding and supporting students with a range of different needs including the provision of personalised timetables if required.

Housed in a light modern building, the Bridge is exceptionally well resourced and promotes independent learning.  The Bridge Coordinator works with  individual students to help them develop study skills, manage their time effectively, manage difficult situations, diffuse conflicts and manage emotions.

Young Carers

Burford School supports any student who is, or is about to become, a Young Carer.  A student who finds themselves taking on the responsibility of caring for an adult or sibling within the family because of illness, a disability (physical or mental) or through substance misuse etc, can easily feel isolated and ‘different’ from their peers.  The constraints of being a carer can result in them missing out on leisure activities with their friends.

High levels of stress and anxiety in Young Carers are common place, and the Pastoral Team is committed to providing practical and emotional support to all our students.  We work closely with our local Young Carers support group, making referrals when necessary, for specialised support.

Burford School was presented with the Oxfordshire Schools Standard Bronze Award in July 2017, in recognition for all its work in providing excellent support for students identified as Young Carers.  We believe that all students should be able to access support to enable them to achieve their full personal and academic potential.

We aim to raise awareness of who may be a Young Carer, what their needs are and how their life can be different from that of their peers, through assemblies, lunch time group meetings and information posted on the Young Carers’ noticeboard.

We fully understand that some families would prefer, for a number of reasons, not to disclose that they have help from a Young Carer.  We would however, like to give reassurance that the Pastoral Team at Burford School works in a confidential and discreet manner, respecting the wishes of our students and their families at all times.

For more information, or to discuss anything regarding Young Carers, please contact Mrs Shirley Sanderson:  or telephone 01993 823303.

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