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Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance: Careers Learning Pathway


The student careers pathway (above) illustrates how students at Burford are encouraged and empowered to grow in knowledge, experience, and self-confidence throughout their time in school to make positive career choices. This is achieved through delivery of excellent careers information, advice, and guidance, careers in the curriculum, employer involvement, and experience of the workplace, alongside continuous evaluation, review and updating of provision.

The school is well on its way to achieving all eight Gatsby Benchmarks for careers in schools and is also working towards implementing the Careers Development Institute‘s new Careers Learning Framework across the pathway.

Student progression beyond Burford School is tracked at the end of both Year 11 and Year 13 and the school has a highly successful destination record.

Key elements of the programme are:











Provider access: We work closely with local further education providers and our Provider Access Policy can be viewed here.


A Strategic Approach to Careers Development and Progression Across Years 7-13

Burford School is working towards meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers. This national standard is a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in secondary schools and is recognised in the Careers Strategy for Schools 2017. We also use the Careers Development Institute (CDI) Career Development Framework to ensure learning outcomes build the careers development skills our students will need for a positive career.

We continue to measure our careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks and CDI Framework to create a clear and progressive careers journey for students at Burford School.


The Unifrog online Careers Platform is available to all students.  Unifrog is designed to support learners in making the most informed decisions about their futures and has a range of tools that are suitable for all year groups. Each student has their own personal account that provides a wide range of information related to their interests and aspirations.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Exploring Pathways – personality quizzes, career and subject profiles,
  • Recording – self-reflection about extracurricular activities and key employability skills
  • Opportunities – search tools showing live vacancies/courses/placements for apprenticeships, universities (in the UK), FE, and much more
  • Applications – tools to help students build applications for a range of pathways (e.g., CVs, Personal Statements)


You can find the KS4 Student quick launch guide here:

Careers KS4 Unifrog

Or the KS4 student launch video here: KS4 Student Launch (

There is a short introductory video for parents here: Introduction to Unifrog NCW 2022

Support for options – KS4, Post 16 and Post 18

KS4 option choices

For information about option choices at Key stage 4 please visit our Key Stage 4 Options page

Resources for KS4 choices:


Post 16 choices

 16 Options video

Year 11 students are given information about the options open to them post 16 in the What’s after Year 11 Guide, and through PSHE, with input from sixth form, local colleges and apprenticeship partners. All students also have personal 121 careers guidance to support them with their research and decision making. The school sixth form also offers a Taster day for students to try new subjects on offer at A-level and to get a sense of what sixth form is like.


Resources for post 16 choices:


Post 18 choices

There are many options open to students in the sixth form after A-levels. Many will head to university whilst other will choose an apprenticeship, gap year or employment.

For information about sixth form careers and university applications please visit our sixth form page here


Resources for post 18 choices:

UCAS Post 18 options information

National Careers Service Post 18 Options Information



1-2-1 Careers Advice and Guidance

All students in year 11 are offered a personal 1-2-1 careers session with Mrs Haines, our Careers Leader, to discuss their post 16 choices and destination following Key stage 4. Students from other years can request a session with Mrs Haines for other key decision points, such as choosing options for GSCE and post 18 destinations. To request a session, students can email Mrs Haines directly-


Careers in the Curriculum

It is important that students understand the relevance of what they learn in their curriculum subjects in their future careers choices, not only how subjects link to sectors and roles, but also how learning techniques will apply in the world of work. We are currently reviewing how best to deliver this aspect of careers education across all year groups.



Careers-related Activities

Students take part in many careers-related activities during their time at Burford School. Examples include:


Mock Interviews: Every November students from year 11, take part in Mock interviews with local employer volunteers. This gives students a good opportunity to practice their application and interview skills. This year the activity was delivered virtually with students interviewed by employers online.


Human Library: Year 8 students meet with many employer volunteers in a carousel approach to ask questions about the roles and sectors employers represent.

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