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Exam Results

GCSE Results 2017


‘The GCSE results this year are once again excellent and show the tremendous effort that our students have made. Achieving and exceeding the Governments targets for our headline results puts Burford School in the top 20% of all schools nationally. I am delighted that our student’s attainment and progress is so exceptional. This is a particularly pleasing set of results as the new GCSEs in both English Language and Literature, and Mathematics, are so much more rigorous. I would like to thank my highly professional and committed staff who have worked hard to ensure our students get the best education.’

Mrs Kathy Haig, Headteacher


  • Achieving the FFT 20 targets for our headline figures (* in the table) puts the school in the top 20% of all schools nationally.










5 A*- C

(inc Eng & Ma at 4)











5 A*- C

(inc Eng & Ma at 5)



5 A* – G (inc Eng & Ma)100%*100%100%96%100%
English 9 – 578%*
English 9 – 4 (A* – C)90%*72%70%74%69%
Maths 9 – 567%*
Maths 9 – 4 (A*- C)82%*82%79%83%80%
Attainment 85.15.4
Number in cohort 










 Headline figures:

  • 26% of all our GCSE grades were A*/A
  • 25 students achieved 7 or more A*/A grades
  • 19 students achieved 8 or more A*/A grades
  • 5 students achieved 11 A*/A grades


Individuals of note include:

  • Phoebe Haywood – 10 A* / 9 grades plus 1 A grade
  • Thoeodore Genc – 11 A*-A /9-7 grades
  • Isobel Landray – 11 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Oliver Mills – 11 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Emma Rednall – 11 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Katherine Patridge – 10 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Lucie Robertson – 10 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Harry Winks – 10 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Chloe Woodcock – 10 A*-A / 9-7 grades
  • Ellen Gillicker – 9 A*-A /9-7 grades
  • Rachel Purvis – 9 A*-A / 9-7 grades


A Level Results 2017


A2 Analysis201520162017
Number of students9212070
% A-E Grades10099100
% A-C Grades768183
% A*-B Grades516364
% A*-A Grades253531


Once again, students at Burford School have been celebrating some excellent ‘A’ level and BTec results. Headteacher, Mrs Kathy Haig said:

‘Our students have achieved another outstanding set of results, despite the new, more rigorous examinations. We are so pleased for them and know that the hard work and efforts that they and their teachers have all put in over the last two years has enabled so many of them to take up their first choice University places and apprenticeships. We are particularly pleased to note that over a third of all A level grades awarded are A*/A, and all our BTec students achieved Distinction*/Distinction grades. This demonstrates once again what an excellent environment for learning Burford School continues to provide.’

Four A*/A grades:

Steven Stanhope – Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Product Design (A* A A A) going to Bath University to study Chemical Engineering.


Three A*/A grades:

· Jess Barker – Geography, PE, Psychology (A* A* A) going to Southampton University to study Psychology.

· Andrew Dunstall – Maths, Further Maths Physics (A* A A).

· Kate Rossie – Biology, Chemistry, Geography (A A A) going to Leicester University to study Medicine.

· Chloe Skillan – Psychology , Geography, History (A* A A) going to Birmingham University to study Psychology.

· Emily Smith – Psychology , English Literature, PE (A* A A) going to Southampton to study Criminology & Psychology.

Two A*/A grades:

· James Birtley –History, Maths, English Literature (A A B) going to UCL London to study History.

· Megan Borland – Chemistry, Maths, and Computer Science (A A B) Lancaster University to study Computer Science.

· Sam Haig – Geography, Psychology, Economics (A A B) going to Exeter University to study Geography.

· Annabelle Legood – English Literature, Geography, Psychology (A A B) going to Loughborough University to study Geography and Sports Science.

· Jack Church – Biology, Chemistry, Economics (A A B) going to Surrey University to study Veterinary Medicine and Science.

· George Pitt – Psychology, Photography, Biology (A* A B) going to UAL to study Photography.

· Patrick Redman – Economics, Maths, Geography (A A B) going to SOAS University, London to study Economics.

· Tiana Thomas – English Literature, Psychology, Drama (A* A C) to Sussex University to study Psychology.

· Heidi Leung – Chinese, Maths, Geography, Physics (A A C C) going to Birmingham University to study Materials Science and Technology.

· Kyle Albert –Chemistry, Maths, Biology (A A C).

Other Destinations

· Joe Daniels is starting a cyber-security apprenticeship.

· Ben Brown is taking up an apprenticeship in Engineering with SS Tube Technology.

· Tristen Saget is working at Mercedes Benz as an apprentice CNC machinist.

Other Achievements

· 57% of students achieved an A*/A in at least one subject

· 100% of BTec grades were Distinction star / Distinction

· English Literature 60% of grades were A*/A

· Product Design 67% of grades were A*/A

· Further Maths 100% of grades A* – B

· Maths 66% of grades were A* – B

· RE 86% of grades were A* – C

· Media 100% of grades were A* – B



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