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School Policies and Academy Accounts

The following risk assessments have been undertaken and action plans created.

Covid 19 Phase 7 Risk Assessment – 01-3-2022

Burford School RA&Action Plan Boarding Review 17 1 22(6)


The Governing Body of Burford School is required by the Government to develop and maintain certain statutory policies.  Further, as best practice, the school regularly develops and reviews many other policies.  We publish many of our policies however, not all policies are required to be displayed on the website. There are instances where statutory guidance states that policies and procedures should be in place. Although this is not the same as a legal requirement, we nonetheless follow statutory guidance. Links to legislation can be found at:

Policy Statutory/Non-Statutory
16-19 Tuition Fund Statement S
Accessibility Plan S
Admissions Policy Day and Boarding 2021 S
Admissions Policy Day and Boarding 2022 S
Admissions Policy Day and Boarding 2023 S
Admissions Appeals Timeline 2021 S
Anti bullying Policy NS
Appraisal Policy NS
Assessment Policy NS
Behaviour for Learning Policy S
Capability of Staff Policy S
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 2021-22 S
Keeping children safe in education 2021 S
Complaints Policy S
Crisis Management Policy NS
Curriculum Policy 2020-22 NS
Data Protection Policy S
Data Retention Policy S
Dignity at Work Policy NS
Driving at Work NS
Drugs Education and Incident Policy 2019-2022 NS
Early Career Teacher Policy NS
Educational Visits Policy NS
Equality Information & Objectives S
Exams Policy NS
Finance Charging and Remissions Policy S
First Aid (Day School) S
First Aid (Boarding) S
Foster Friendly Policy NS
Freedom of Information Policy S
Furniture Buying NS
Gifted & Talented Policy NS
Gifts & Hospitality NS
Health & Safety Policy S
Home School Partnership S
Library Policy NS
Lone Working Policy NS
Managing Sickness Absence Policy NS
Managing allegations against other pupils 2019-2022 NS
Managing Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy S
Missing Child Policy NS
Mobile Phone Policy NS
Pay Policy for Teachers NS
Pay Policy for Support Staff NS
Pensions Discretion Policy NS
Positive Handling Policy NS
PSHE Policy S
Premises Management Policy S
Probation Policy for Support Staff S
Provider Access Policy 2021-22 S
Pupil Premium Statement S
Redundancy Procedure NS
Relationship and Sex Education Policy S
Safer Recruitment Policy 2019-2022 NS
SEND Policy 2021-22 S
SEND Report 2020-21 S
Special Leave Policy S
Staff Code of Conduct S
Staff Disciplinary Policy S
Staff Grievance Policy S
Staff, Governor, Volunteer ICT Policy NS
Staff Wellbeing Policy NS
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions S
Uniform Policy 2022-2023 NS
Visitors Policy and Procedures NS
Whistleblowing-Policy NS
Young Carers Policy NS


Academy Accounts & Full Board Minutes
School Financial Accounts 2019
School Financial Accounts 2020
School Financial Accounts 2021
Full Governing Board Minutes – Term Two


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