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The Governing Body

Burford-Logo_blue Pse use thisThe full board of Governors meets five times a year. Committees meet five times a year, making appropriate reports and recommendations to the full Board of Governors. Each Committee elects a Chair who sits on the Strategy and Development Committee.

The Chair of Governors is Mr M Willis:

The Company Secretary is Mrs S Reeve:

Full details of each Committee’s remit, copies of non-confidential minutes and any Governors’ Register of Interest are available from the Company Secretary. The Governors follow a Governors’ Code of Conduct 2022-23 which is reviewed annually and signed by each member upon appointment.


Governor Profile  – 

Parent Governors Ordinary Governors Staff Governors Co-options Associate Members Staff Contributors and Secretary
Mrs Jennifer Warriner

Mr Stuart Norridge

(Safeguarding Governor)

Mrs Andrea Bird Mrs Ruth Reavley

(Vice-chair of Governors)

Head of School Miss Caroline Skerten

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Sally Gaudion Mr Richard Martin


Mr Matthew Albrighton (Headteacher)  Vacancy Head of School Mrs Suzanne Reeve
Company Secretary
Mr Philip Foster Mrs Angela Sherwood Mrs Clare Brown


Mr Alan Staniforth
Business Manager
Mrs Ginny Renwick Mrs Julie Wall  Mr Chris Cowley  

Mrs Sarah Evans

HR Manager

Mrs Cheryl Bracey Mr Steven Carroll      Mr Daniel Pullin & Mrs Sharon Scantlebury

Assistant Headteachers

Mr Matthew Willis

(Chair of Governors)

 Mr Derek Grimsley

Mr Stuart Bassett & Mr Gurd Ubhie

Assistant Headteachers

Attendance at Governing Board & Committee Meetings 2021-22

Safeguarding Governor Role Description



Governor Committee Structure 2022-23

Boarding Committee Curriculum & Standards Committee Financial Management, Premises, Health & Safety Committee Staff & Student Development Committee
 Mr S  Norridge (Chair) Mrs C Bracey (Chair) Mr R Martin (Chair) Mrs A Sherwood
Mrs A Bird  Mrs C Brown Mr D Grimsley Mr M Willis
 Mrs G Renwick  Mr M Albrighton Mr P Foster  Mr M Albrighton
Mr M Albrighton Mr D Grimsley Mrs S Gaudion Mr S Carroll
 Vacancy  Mrs R Reavley  Mr M Albrighton Mrs J Wall
Mrs J Warriner
Boarding Committee Terms of Reference 2022-23 Curriculum & Standards Terms of Reference 2022-23 Finance & Premises combined Terms of Reference 2022-23 Staff & Student Development Terms of Reference 2022-23

Governor Details, Pecuniary & Personal Interests



Governor Start date Term of office Finishing date Pecuniary & personal interests
Mr M Albrighton 01.09.2021  While in post as Headteacher Headteacher,

Director of Wysdom Touring Park,

Burford Foundation Governor & Trustee Uganda Link

Mrs A Bird 03.04.2017 Four years (2nd term) 02.04.2025 Finance Manager at Burford School

A Bird – Husband – Burford School Staff

Mrs C Bracey 13.12.2017 Four years (2nd term) 12.12.2025 Employer – nationwide Building Society

Parent of Burford School student

Mrs C Brown 12.12.2018 Four years 11.12.2022 Burford School Staff

Parent of Burford School student

Mr S Carroll 6.7.2020 Four years 5.7.2024 Parent of Burford School student
Mr P Foster 23.02.2018 Four years (2nd term) 22.02.2026 Parent of Burford School student
Miss S Gaudion 05.01.2022 Four years 04.01.2026 ICAEW Member
Mr D Grimsley 01.01.2012 Four years (3rd term)  31.07.2023 None
Mr R Martin 6.7.2012  Four years (3rd term) 5.7.2024  None
Mr S Norridge 01.09.2014  Four years (3rd term)  8.7.2022  None
Mrs Ruth Reavley 24.5.2021 Four years 23.5.2025 Burford School Foundation

Burford Parochial Church Council

Falkland Hall/Burford Archive Project

Mrs G Renwick 13.12.2017 Four years (2nd term) 12.12.2025 Related by marriage to a member of teaching staff

Parent of Burford School student

Mrs A Sherwood 07.01.2019 Four Years 06.01.2023 Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Parent of Burford School student

Mrs J Wall 12.12.2018 Four Years 11.12.2022 None

Grandparent of a Burford School student

Mrs J Warriner 12.12.2019 Four Years 11.12.2023 Parent of Burford School student
Mr M Willis 19.01.2021 Four Years 18.01.2025 Parent of Burford School student
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