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Work Experience and Careers

Our Careers Department is run by Mrs Helen Haines who works full-time. She is new to the role this year. During the last 18 years she has worked in the public and private sector, and run her own business, all in the careers education and education business links sector. Based in the Careers Office, her role is to support students in exploring their options at aged 16 and aged 18 by giving students impartial information advice and guidance, and supporting them to make appropriate decisions for their future. She holds regular meetings with students as they progress through the school, and can be seen by students at any time by appointment. 

Work Experience

Year 10

All students are given the opportunity to undertake a week of designated work experience during March of Year 10.    Work experience can give students an insight into careers that might interest them and also enables students to understand how school subjects can be applied in the world of work. Students have sometimes secured part-time and holiday work through their school work experience and even apprenticeship opportunities.


Mrs Haines is available to help students identify the type of placement they would like to undertake and can also suggest companies that students might apply to.

In the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, there is an additional opportunity for Burford School students to undertake work experience.  Work Experience for Sixth Form students is scheduled to take place during July of Year 12. Work Experience is particularly useful for students applying for vocational degrees at university eg Veterinary Science, Medicine, Nursing , Teaching and can also be helpful for those students seeking apprenticeship and employment opportunities after their A-level studies.

Once again Mrs Haines is available to assist Sixth Form students in identifying and applying to work experience opportunities.


Burford School aims to provide every student with high quality careers information, advice and guidance, in addition to offering opportunities through which students can develop the careers and enterprise skills that ate so important in preparing students for their lives beyond school.  All students have access to up to date careers pathways and are supported at all stages of their time at the school to make positive and aspirational choices.

Careers Programme 

Student progression beyond Burford School is closely monitored and the school has a highly successful destination record at the end of both year 11 and year 13.

Information for Employers

Information for Parents

Information for Students

Information for Teachers

Post 16 Choices

All young people must continue in learning until they are 18.  However, this doesn’t mean that students have to remain at school.  Whilst the majority of Burford students choose to stay on into the Sixth Form,  some may prefer to train for a career through an apprenticeship or take a more vocational course at a college.

Open Days 6th Form and Colleges 2020

Russell Group Guide to post 16 education


Apprenticeship Opportunities

The links below provide useful information on apprenticeships, together with live apprenticeship vacancies.

Oxfordshire vacancies

Country-wide vacancies

This site details apprenticeship opportunities across the UK but also it has a useful link between apprenticeships and school subjects plus apprenticeships and skills for students who are unsure about the type of apprenticeship they would like to do.


Apprenticeship Events

Throughout the year there are a number of events which may allow students, and their parents, to explore apprenticeship opportunities.  We recommend that students check this page of the website regularly as they are advertised here.  Posters for events are displayed on the board outside the Careers Office.





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