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Year 11

Welcome to Year 11


The Heads of Year are Mrs L Graff and Mr D Warren. They are supported by a strong team of form tutors.


Mr W Oldfield – 11WOL

Mrs L Cotham – 11LCO

Mr H Clayton – 11HCL

Mrs G Mitchell and Miss S Raymond-Barker – 11GMI

Mrs L Peralta and Mrs S Rowney – 11LPE

Mr R Stringer – 11RST

Miss S Pell – 11SPE

Mr P Green – 11PGR


They can be emailed at any time to answer relevant queries or questions.  Subject queries should be addressed to the subject teachers (see Curriculum for Heads of Department).  A full list of staff emails is available for other queries.

Key Academic Focus

Year 11 is an extremely important time for all students, as they work towards the completion of their GCSE studies.  Students continue to be encouraged to participate in school life in many ways, in sports, music, drama and house events, however, it is important to be aware of the added pressure that comes with completing GCSE courses.  All subjects set homework at least once a week but there are no set days for homework to be issued.

Glossary KS4 2021-22

GCSE Subject Revision Overview 2022-23



GCSEpod is a series of short podcasts covering virtually all subjects, topics and content that can be streamed or downloaded on to a student’s laptop or smartphone. They can also download an App so that it can then be played whenever they wish – on the bus, just before an exam, walking the dog, etc. Staff also use them in lessons. Have a look at

Burford students have used the software to great effect in recent years, making us one of the top fifteen schools in the country for downloads and having a significant link to success at GCSE. Students have said that they like the additionality it offers on top of their more traditional revision, and the fact that they can dip into it easily.

All Year 11 students are registered and have login details  If any students have lost or forgotten their login details they can be reissued by Mrs Scantlebury

Additional Support

Students are offered additional support sessions for all subjects at different times of the year. Here they can revisit old topics, complete extra work on controlled assessments or receive extra support from staff. Additional GCSE Support takes place in the lunchtime and after school clubs which run throughout each term.


IMG_4293Continued parental support and a quiet place to work at home remains essential throughout Year 11, particularly as mock exams and GCSEs approach. All students feel pressure at this time.  The vast majority manage this well.  For others it is more difficult and the Home-School Link Worker, Mrs Sanderson, is always happy to talk things through with both parents and students.


Looking ahead


Another major part of Year 11 is deciding on the next step towards A-levels, into Further Education, an apprenticeship or employment.  Our Sixth Form Open Evening and Taster Day allow students to sample life in the Sixth Form.  The Open Evening is held in early November with the Taster Day following in December.


Access to Careers Advice

Students are strongly advised to organise an appointment with the Careers Adviser, Mrs Haines.   She is able to answer questions regarding possible courses to pursue within the Further Education section.  During the year visits are organised from a variety of employers, together with apprenticeship evenings.

Mock Interviews

Whatever the next step for students their ability to present themselves well at interview is key.  For this reason all Year 11 students spend a day experiencing mock interviews.  In preparation they are required to put together a CV, apply for a ‘job’ and members of the business community then come into school to hold mock interviews and give feedback providing realistic and valuable preparation.

The GCSE Exam Period

Following the Easter holidays, students complete the final weeks in school before starting Study Leave. Study Leave commences in May and allows students to study at home, if they wish, in preparation for exams, however provision is made for them to study in school if they prefer.  On the day of their exams students attend school in uniform and are expected to sign in and out each day.

After their final exam every student is required to collect a Leavers’ Form from Reception.  This needs to be signed by key members of staff, including the Headteacher, and must then be returned to Reception.  Only when this is done are students officially deemed to have left school.



In line with government directives students are not permitted to take holidays during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances, is the Headteacher able to sanction time off and adherence to this is essential for students to achieve successful outcomes at GCSE.

Key Dates

  • Tuesday 6 September 2022 – Year 11 Start of Term
  • Thursday 5 January 2023 – Wednesday 18 January 2022 – Mock Assessments
  • Thursday 23 February 2023 – Year 11 Parents’ Evening
  • Monday 15 May 2023 – Friday 23 June 2023 – External Exam Assessment Period


Year Charity

Each year students choose a charity to support throughout the year. Students fundraise for their chosen charity, raising awareness of the charity’s aims and projects in assemblies and through presentations. This year the students are fundraising for the Oxfordshire Hospitals Charity.



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