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Year 7

Burford School Year 7 Vision                                   

‘To provide the educational and social platform for students to become proud members of Burford School whilst flourishing academically, thriving socially and growing emotionally within a holistic learning community’



  • Provide the base to achieve outstanding academic results
  • Make certain the transition between primary to secondary is smooth, stimulating and enjoyable
  • Ensure an all embracing, friendly and comprehensive induction process is completed
  • Provide continuous outstanding pastoral support
  • Celebrate achievement with all students making progress in every aspect of the school
  • Instil the Four Cornerstones of Year 7 – Honour, Ambition, Tolerance and Empathy


The Four Cornerstones of Year 7

The Four Cornerstones of Year 7 are the key values within the year that Burford School would like the students to embrace, build upon and become familiar with, to enable them to flourish, feel happy and help others achieve as well as themselves.

These Four Cornerstones are:

  1. Honour
  2. Ambition
  3. Tolerance
  4. Empathy

These Cornerstones will form the focus of assemblies, school weeks and form times for Year 7 students.


The Year 7 Team

Year 7 comprises the Head of Year, Mr C Cowley, Deputy Head of Year, Mrs G Simpson. They are supported by a strong team of form tutors.


Miss A Vella – 7AVE

Miss J Davis – 7JDA

Mr J Belmont – 7JBE

Miss H Ratliff – 7HRA

Mr A Beaney – 7ABE

Mrs A Cadwallader – 7ACA

Ms S Hudson – 7SHU

Mr T Spencer – 7TSP


The team can be emailed at any time to answer relevant queries or questions.  Subject queries should be addressed to the subject teachers (see Curriculum for Heads of Department).  A full list of staff emails is available for other queries.

Year 7 marks the transition from primary to secondary school and with it comes a whole series of new challenges, expectations and opportunities.

The Year 7 Tutor Team is a static team that specialises in supporting students through the transition process and helps them to become part of Burford School. Being a specialist team means we understand all the small worries and uncertainties that new students and their families can face, and are able to structure our programme to pre-empt these. If parents do have any question, no matter how small, the tutor team is only an email away and happy to help.

Settling in

Students joining the school in Year 7 start their induction programme in Year 6.  From the time that they are offered a place at the school, until the Easter of Year 7, they are guided by a team of teachers who get to know them well. They are also supported by Year 13 students, trained in mentoring, who act as ‘buddies’.  In order to add to the family feel, where every child is known, students are placed into a School House, which promotes interaction between students of all ages, team-spirit and celebrates the contribution of every child in every way, from sport to art events, the Talent Show to the Inter-House Show Jumping.

Residential Trip

During the year there is a school residential trip with the Bushcraft Company for all Year 7 students.  The trip is based at The Chase in Northamptonshire.  This is a short fun-filled visit designed to build confidence, encourage team-building and help students get to know each other across the year group.




Clubs & Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in school life through sport, music, drama or house events, taking part in clubs, societies and team activities. There is a strong ethos within the school to get involved and Burford is renowned for the rich variety of activities on offer.


Key Academic Focus

Year 7 forms the beginning of Key Stage 3 in which students are taught a wide range of subjects and make use of our excellent facilities. Classes are largely taught within form groups with the exception of Maths and French, which are set according to ability.

Following each review all students  have learning discussions with their subject teachers and tutors about how to maintain progress and how to move learning forward.  An explanation of how a Review works is available at:

A Guide to the Year 7 Review

Glossary KS3 2021-22


Criteria for Achievement

From September 2017 the assessment and reporting system for students in Year 7 has been based on how much progress they make from a starting point. On the reports sent home to parents there is a target colour band for each subject rather than a grade. Your son or daughter will be judged to have made expected progress for the year if they remain within this target colour band. Each subject has a set of criteria for each target colour band so students know what they are aiming to achieve.  The criteria also helps students set themselves a target after each review point.

Year 7 Art Assessment Criteria

Year 7 Drama Assessment Criteria




Year 7 DT Textiles Assessment Criteria

Year 7 DT Systems and Control Assessment Criteria

Year 7 DT Resistant Materials Assessment Criteria

Year 7 DT Graphics Assessment Criteria

Year 7 DT Food Assessment Criteria

Year 7 Music Assessment Criteria


Year 7 Languages Assessment Criteria

Year 7 ICT Assessment Criteria

Year 7 Science Assessment Criteria

Year 7 RE Assessment Criteria

Year 7 PE Assessment Criteria



The school day begins at 8.30 am and finishes at 3.00 pm for all students. During a typical week, students are in school for 35.2 hours.  Optional after-school activities finish at 4.30 pm. We are very aware of the impact of attendance on learning and achievement, and closely monitor the attendance and punctuality of all students throughout the school year. For more information, please refer to our Attendance Policy which can be found in our School Policies Section.

In line with government directives students are not permitted to take holidays during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances is the Headteacher able to sanction time off and adherence to this is essential for students to achieve successful outcomes at GCSE.

Key Dates

  • Thursday 11 May 2023 – Parents’ Evening

Year Charity

Each year students choose a charity to support throughout the year. Students fundraise for their chosen charity, raising awareness of the charity’s aims and projects in assemblies and through presentations.


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