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Year 8

Welcome to Year 8

The Head of Year is Mr M Wright.  He is supported by a strong team of form tutors.

Miss K Ryan – 8KRY
Mrs B Allsop & Miss H Ratliffe (Fri) – 8RAL
Miss B Hughes – 8BHU
Miss R Ellis – 8REL
Mrs L Speakman & Miss F Weston (Tues/Thur) – 8LSP
Mr D Lawson – 8DLA
Mrs E Jones – 8EJO
Mrs C Chatburn & Ms S Hudson (Thu/Fri) – 8CCH


The team can be emailed at any time to answer relevant queries or questions.  Subject queries should be addressed to the subject teachers (see Curriculum for Heads of Department). For any other queries please see the full list of staff emails.


Key Academic Focus

Glossary KS3 2020-21

burford school year 8 (1)Year 8 is when students build and extend what has been established in Year 7, working hard towards their end of KS3 exams. The school has an extensive range of opportunities open to students and every student is encouraged to participate in a variety of activities outside the curriculum.

Every year in secondary education is important, and students in Year 8 need to build on their knowledge, skills and understanding from the previous year and develop these further in order to ensure continued success.



The priorities for the year are:

  • to preserve the good study habits, routines and behaviours established in Year 7 so that students are able to work and learn to their full potential. Student progress and attainment is closely monitored throughout the year and parents are notified through regular Reviews, Parents’ Evenings and, if necessary, through personal letters.
  • to prepare thoroughly for the end of year examinations so that students can gain results commensurate with their ability and potential.
  • to experience new skills and build new friendships through the extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities available; discovering new and unfamiliar activities and developing current favourites.

Glossary KS3 2021-22

Burford Plus 

From Monday to Thursday we offer an extended day, until 8.00pm. This is to accommodate the needs of busy parents who may, due to work commitments etc, not always be on hand at the end of the normal school day. Burford Plus offers students the opportunity to join the boarders and make use of the facilities within the Boarding Department. Tea and supervised homework is included together with the opportunity to take part in a range of evening activities organised by the boarding staff.


In line with government directives students are not permitted to take holidays during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances is the Headteacher able to sanction time off and adherence to this is essential for students to achieve successful learning outcomes.

Criteria for Achievement

Since September 2016 the assessment and reporting system for students in Year 7 has been based on how much progress they make from a starting point. This method of assessment continues into Year 8. On the reports sent home to parents there is a target colour band for each subject rather than a grade. Your son or daughter will make expected progress for the year if they remain within this target colour band. Each subject has a set of criteria for each target colour band so students know what they are aiming to achieve.  The criteria will also help students set themselves a target after each review point.

Year 8 Art Assessment Criteria

Year 8 Drama Assessment Criteria

Year 8 DT Systems and Control Assessment Criteria

Year 8 DT Textiles Assessment Criteria

Year 8 DT Resistant Materials Assessment Criteria

Year 8 DT Graphics Assessment Criteria

Year 8 DT Food Assessment criteria




Year 8 ICT Assessment Criteria

Year 8 Languages Assessment Criteria


Year 8 Music Assessment Criteria

Year 8 PE Assessment Criteria

Year 8 RE Assessment Criteria

Year 8 Science Assessment Criteria


Following each review all students will have learning discussions with their subject teachers and tutors about how to maintain progress and how to move learning forward. You will be able to see the target set by your son or daughter, under the guidance of their subject teacher, in their subject books.

Key Dates

  • Year 8 Return to School: Monday 6 September 2021
  • Non-School Uniform Day for Whole School Charity: Friday 22 October 2021
  • Meet the Tutor: tbc
  • Charter Day:  Friday 19 November 2021
  • Holiday: Friday 26 November 2021
  • Review 1:  December 2021
  • Parents’ Evening: Thursday 13 January 2022
  • Non-school Uniform Day for Year Group Charity: Friday 25 March 2022
  • Review 2:  March 2022
  • NB: Bank Holiday – Monday 2 May 2022
  • Internal Exams: Monday 7 June – Friday 10 June 2022 & Monday 13 June – Friday 17 2022
  • Non-school Uniform Day, charity tbc: Friday 24 June 2022
  • Lower School Prize Giving: tbc
  • Review 3: July 2022


Year Charity

Each year students choose a charity to support throughout the year. Students fundraise for their chosen charity, raising awareness of the charity’s aims and projects in assemblies and through presentations.

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