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Students Attend SINCE 9/11 Virtual Summit

Students Attend SINCE 9/11 Virtual Summit

SINCE 9/11 Virtual Student Summit

 On Thursday 10 December, sixteen Year 9 students participated in a Virtual Student Summit. The students were chosen to participate in the conference as their History teachers have been very impressed with their efforts and contributions this academic year. The event was organised by the charity SINCE 9/11 which focuses on developing resources to educate students on the events, causes and consequences of terrorist attacks and to promote tolerance and respect for all faiths and religions.

10,000 students from over 250 schools across the country participated in the summit which coincided with Human Rights Day. The panel of speakers led students in a virtual session with the theme ‘Why is 9/11 relevant today?’ to safely explore issues related to extremism. Students were able to submit questions which the panel of speakers answered during the summit.

The speakers included:

  • Host – Lily Rosengard
  • Professor Martin Mills – UCL Institute of Education, Centre for Teachers and Teaching Research
  • Nicky Napier– Sharing her personal experience – her husband Alex was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11
  • Sara Khan– Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism
  • Jeremy Hayward– UCL Institute of Education, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
  • Sir Simon Schama– Historian & SINCE 9/11 Patron

Three of the students wrote this as a follow up: ‘The 9/11 summit was about the effects of extremism and how it changed over 2,000 peoples’ lives when two planes crashed into the Twin Towers. We believe that students in schools should be educated about the causes, consequences and impacts of extremism to help them understand what the effects of extremism can be.’