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Year 9 get stuck into Technology

Year 9 get stuck into Technology

The Technology Department held a Year 9 Intervention Day for those students who will be continuing their Technology education next year. The day offered the students the opportunity to build and develop their practical skills in an attempt to reduce the impact of the Covid lockdowns.


The students took part in various activities depending on their chosen area of study. Product Design students completed a group exercise to design and model a building in a flood risk area of the third world. The design had to be based on a practical real-world solution at a cost of £500 and presented to the rest of the group. Other activities included a focused practical task based around skills in timber. The students were required to design and create an A- frame style toolbox using accurate joining methods and techniques, with an emphasis on high quality, functioning outcomes.

The students also undertook a creative design project, with the theme ‘Under the Sea’. They each designed a jellyfish, which they produced using a range of practical skills, including machine sewing, hand sewing, embellishment techniques, felting, applique, sublimation printing and laser cutting. The aim of the project was to develop their practical skills and give students an opportunity to be creative and experimental with their design work.


In Food Technology Students were working to develop a number of high-level skills such as pastry making to give them confidence when starting their GCSE course. Throughout the day they produced a series of dishes including quiche, roulade, a coulis, worked with cous cous and a number of different vegetables. The students focused on exploring the use of different making techniques such as the rubbing in method while making a range of delicious snacks, main courses and desserts.

In Engineering the students developed their skills and knowledge of a range of processes and materials. The two products focused on electrical engineering, where the students created LED light spinners, and also mechanical engineering, where the students produced a candle holder utilising a number of metal manufacturing processes.