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Job Vacancies & Other Opportunities

Our current job vacancies:


Volunteer with us

From time to time we are in need of voluntary help with such things as helping us to maintain The Acre, our smallholding, supporting us with our Duke of Edinburgh expeditions or acting as an Independent Listener.  If you feel you have something to offer us and would like to volunteer in some capacity, please contact our HR Manager, Mrs S Evans

Sharing expertise

We regularly hold events for students which require the support and involvement of our local community.  We invite people in to expand our students’ knowledge regarding possible future careers, setting up a business, promoting the relevance of maths within the wider world, exploring the role of politics etc.  If these are areas in which you feel you have a contribution to make, please contact our Careers Lead, Mrs H Haines in the first instance.

Join our Business Breakfasts

If you are a member of the local business community, you are welcome to join us for one of our Business Breakfasts which are held twice a year. The purpose of the Business Breakfasts is for us get to know individuals from local businesses, to introduce our Young Enterprise and Tenner students to those working in business, to provide opportunities for those working in the local community to network with each other and to develop links which may be beneficial to all parties.

For further information, please contact Mrs S Reeve, our Company Secretary