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Burford School owes its existence to the generosity of its benefactors, with its foundation in 1571 made possible through a donation of lands and rents from local businessman Simon Wysdom:

to the yerely value of ffive pounds towards the ereceyon and mayntenaunce of a ffree Schole.


Since then, the school has enjoyed an enviable track record of delivering the ‘best of education’. For centuries, Old Burfordians have been supported to strive for their highest academic results and, in the best traditions, have also been taught skills for life.

That holds true today. At the studio, stage and sports field, our students are given opportunities to build their characters and to develop important qualities like resilience, communication and team work that will stand them in good stead when they move on to the next stage of their education, training or work.

With these foundations, we are fortunate to enjoy an excellent reputation and a distinctive character within the community, and are the first-choice school of many families within the local Cotswolds area and beyond.

Our vision is to cement Burford as the school of choice to learn and teach, with a development plan designed to enhance the teaching and learning environment, academic focus and enrichment facilities, and ‘make good’ on the school’s commitment to providing the ‘best of education.’

Burford School Library

Our ambition is to develop the school site in three phases:

  • Phase 1: the library, dining experience, sixth form, foyer and offices
  • Phase 2: the science block, incorporating a Centre for Rural Enterprise Systems and Science (CRESS)
  • Phase 3: music, learning development and the staff room

You can read more about our plans in our development strategy.

Burford School Development Plan Brochure


We invite support

If you can help us to achieve our ambitions to deliver the best of education, through advice or financial support, we would love to hear from you.


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