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English Enrichment Day

English Enrichment Day

On Tuesday 2 July, twenty three students from Years 7 and 8 took part in an exciting enrichment day in the library.  Mrs Peralta, Mrs Bassett and Miss Ryan led students through a myriad of creative writing activities, including sensory writing using food and music as stimulus.

After studying a range of 19th century extracts, students planned their own stories using mystery objects as their own stimuli.  There was much amusement when balloons were used to create characters!


The day culminated in the creation of individual short stories, written in the mystery genre.  Students used their mystery objects and balloon characters as the basis for their stories, weaving in elements of the genre that they had identified from the successful 19th century extracts.

There were many outstanding contributions, but some notable prize-worthy entries included Tom (7CBR), and Sianna (8ETH).  It was wonderful to hear students share such imaginative, ambitious pieces of writing.