The Headteacher's Blog - The Burfordian, Issue 11 2023 -2024

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The Headteacher's Blog - The Burfordian, Issue 11 2023 -2024

This is the Headteacher's Blog which was first featured in issue 11 of The Burfordian, published on Tuesday 26 March 2024.

Burford School Mr Albrighton Headteacher

As we come to the break, it seems appropriate to consider the overarching messages of the Easter story: self- reflection, renewal and growth. Through this, we can also connect to people of different religions or secular traditions. In Judaism the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur offer similar opportunities to Lent to reflect and repent; in Islam, Ramadan emphasises self-discipline, purification and spiritual growth; rebirth is a central theme of Budhism; and Karma, which outlines the cycle of death and rebirth, underpins Hinduism and again points towards opportunities for reflection and the possibility of growth. The Humanist

tradition also highlights the power of personal growth and positive transformation. It is impossible, in such a short space, to bring together a synopsis of all faiths and traditions on this theme, but reflection and self-improvement are universal concepts uniting all.

Whichever path you subscribe to or align with, a time of reflection is an essential part of personal development. It takes different forms within different systems, yet it is understood as vital. As a school you will hear us refer to “Respect Participate Reach” and typically I pull out a meaning of Reach to be pushing beyond what you think is possible. However, it also relates to reaching in – to consider strengths and explore areas for improvement. Such a process is not easy and for many, particularly the young, requires a trusted support network. That is not to say it is not challenging for “us grown-ups" and I know how grateful I am to the team and family I have around me when I reflect on the opportunities missed or when I have fallen short. It can certainly be a painful experience and taking a different path to overcome a challenge or seek success requires courage, self-knowledge and the understanding of others. It typically involves forgiveness, for yourself and by yourself. So, as we head into Easter, whichever your tradition, thank you for working with us in supporting your child’s growth and in overcoming any barriers there may be for seeking development.

Finally, a brief but vital word of thanks to the team that continues to make sacrifices to ensure the opportunities on offer at Burford remain of the highest standard. The diversity of activities on offer is the envy of any school. I am particularly grateful to the music department over the last week for delivering the Musical which attracted praise and joy in equal measure. The department’s support for our brilliant students, to deliver such a professional standard, seemingly knows no bounds.