Tel: 01993 823303


‘You can just be yourself here.’  Boarding student (Ofsted May 2018)

Boarding Department Direct Line for Enquiries & Admissions: 01993 823283    


‘This school nurtures well-rounded, well-behaved children who are accepting of each other and set off for adult life with a positive attitude’. Boarding parent (Boarding Ofsted 2018)


Visiting the Boarding Department

Prospective parents and students are welcome to book a tour of our Boarding Department at any time during the normal school term.  Please contact the Boarding Department on 01993 823283 or email, to make an appointment in the first instance.

In addition we hold Open Events during the school year.  Our next Open Morning is on Saturday 4 February 2023 between 10.00 am – 12.00 pm.



Visitors are welcome to meet the Head of Boarding, residential staff and current boarders at our Open events.


Boarding at Burford since 1571

Boarders are an integral part of this historic school with a first-rate reputation. Boarding students consistently achieve excellent academic results and are well noted for their achievements in, and their mature approach to, individual and group activities, as well as their positive relationships with adults and their peers.

There have been boarders at Burford since the school began in 1571 and today the Boarding Department provides a warm and caring environment for just over a hundred boarders. Competition for places is high and, despite a decline in the demand for boarding places nationwide, it continues to grow in popularity at Burford.


Lenthall House, the Boarding Department, consists of two boarding houses, next to the church, in the centre of Burford. The accommodation is housed in what used to be the Grammar School, with a courtyard – the original playground – in the centre.  Students have shared bedrooms of between two and six students.  Common rooms, kitchens for independent cooking, a gym, prep-room, garden and a small orchard for outdoor activities all contribute to making the boarding house a ‘home’ to come back to at the end of the day. The Year 7 and 8 students, who are new to boarding, are housed close to the Houseparents so that full support can quickly be given should they experience some initial homesickness.

Boarders and the community

‘Community links enable the students to use local facilities and

to develop a sense of local belonging and purpose’ (Boarding Ofsted 2018)


The boarders enjoy a high profile within the community walking, as they do, to and from the school each day.  They take part in local charity events, visit the local primary school during their languages week and help out with the younger children attending church on a Sunday.  Some of the older students take part-time jobs, for example in the local charity shop, and all are a great credit to the school.


Supportive staff

‘A wonderful caring place that is home to a vibrant community

of hardworking students and caring staff’ (Boarding Ofsted 2018)


Careful attention and support is given to the welfare and the academic and social progress of each student. Staff supervise and offer guidance during prep time and take part in a full range of evening and weekend activities with boarders, from fun runs and art classes to community lunches and trips out.


The residential pastoral staff work alongside the non-residential staff, which include some teaching staff, teaching assistants, and specialist boarding tutors, to provide a supportive and safe boarding environment.




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