My Burford - Mrs Bridgett Howard - Head Librarian

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My Burford - Mrs Bridgett Howard - Head Librarian

Bridgett Howard Head Librarian Burford School

Our Head Librarian Mrs Bridgett Howard reflects on her role and time at Burford School as part of our new 'My Burford' series.

This feature series was first introduced in issue 8 of our school newsletter, The Burfordian, and aims to shine a spotlight on the superb staff team at Burford who make it possible for us to offer 'the best of education' to our students.

I've proudly been part of the Burford School community since 2015, contributing to the vibrant educational atmosphere that defines our school. My journey commenced as a Teaching Assistant, progressing to Assistant Librarian, and eventually assuming the role of Head Librarian. Before my venture into education, I served as the Landlady at the Carpenters Arms in Fulbrook, infusing a diverse touch into my professional background. 

My primary focus centres on cultivating an engaging and enriching environment within the library, fostering a love for literature, and nurturing students' research skills. The collaborative efforts within the library have been a highlight of my tenure, as we collectively contribute to the positive impact on students' educational journeys. 

What I find particularly fulfilling about my role is witnessing students discover the joy of literature, fostering a reading culture that extends beyond the classroom. This passion for books and knowledge is deeply rooted in my belief that reading is a gateway to endless possibilities for personal and academic growth. 

Beyond being a school, Burford is a community to me. The supportive nature of both staff and students creates a unique atmosphere that encourages learning and growth. One standout achievement during my time here has been the successful implementation of reading initiatives, such as Sparx Reader, significantly contributing to our students' reading development. 

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, my love for rugby adds a unique touch to my interests, complimenting the diverse passions within our school community. Beyond the walls of Burford, you'll find me immersed in a good book, enjoying a swim or cheering on my fantasy team in the Rugby Six Nations! 

In three words, I would describe Burford as inclusive, dynamic, and inspiring. These qualities encapsulate the essence of our school and the rich tapestry of experiences that define our educational journey.  

Looking ahead, my current focus is on enhancing all aspects of the library as we continually strive to improve the educational experience for our students. The anticipation of upcoming school events, such as the Carnegie Shadowing, adds to the sense of community and shared enthusiasm that makes Burford truly special.