Year 10 Geographers Take a Field Trip to...Burford

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Year 10 Geographers Take a Field Trip to...Burford

Burford School Year 10 Geography Trip wc 5 February 2024 Trip Permission ATJ 1

In the final week of half term (week commencing 5 February 2024), 130 of our Year 10 Geography students visited the idyllic honeypot high street of Burford as part of their GCSE fieldwork. 

With clipboards, noise level apps and data collection sheets to hand, they were presented with the task of measuring key flows through the town in order to judge the sustainability of the High Street. 

Following a north-south transect, students collected data ranging from traffic counts to noise surveys, Likert opinion surveys to retail diversity surveys. Our students conducted themselves admirably as they compared characteristics at regular intervals down the hill. 

With all relevant data collected and collated, students were then able to draw conclusions and test their predictions back in the classroom, thus preparing them for their upcoming examinations.