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This is the Headteacher's Blog which was first featured in issue 12 of The Burfordian, published on Friday 3rd May 2024.

Burford School Mr Albrighton Headteacher

Leadership is interpreted in many ways and different organisations have varying demands. At Burford when sifting through the many (very many) applications for Head of School this year I was mindful of our values Respect Participate Reach. Within our values is an implicit expectation that leadership is about modelling and involvement. It is vital at Burford that leaders from top to bottom of the organisation start the day considering how they support others. The interview process is deliberately arduous - an application is made, a number, typically eight, are taken through to the video round which is a one-minute piece to camera with no notes and no second takes. The students and staff then vote based on the videos; four are taken through to the final interview with the Head of Sixth Form (Mrs Brown) and me.

As with Heads of School, the prefect process involves an application form. The process then varies a little in that applicants are asked to take part in a discussion. This is a very demanding way of selection and puts students in a situation where they must guide themselves and each other through a themed conversation. This requires maturity and sensitivity with that key ability to lead others yet not suppress views. A number are then taken through to interview.

The processes above are designed to test the skills that are valuable to leading the school and a modern workplace. I make no bones about this being a very demanding selection process. The requirements of Prefects and Heads of School are significant. I am grateful to the many who put themselves forward for this ordeal for having the courage to take part and put themselves in a vulnerable situation. The field this year was incredibly strong, and whilst some will be disappointed, I know all will have learnt a great deal and go on to great success.

The Heads of School for 2024-2025 are:

Poppy Wheatley

Josh Selita