Burford School Celebrates the Yoto Carnegie Awards with Chipping Norton School

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Burford School Celebrates the Yoto Carnegie Awards with Chipping Norton School

On Wednesday 21 June 2023, Burford School joined forces with Chipping Norton School to celebrate the Yoto Carnegie Book Awards. It was a day filled with enthusiasm, teamwork, and a shared love for books.

The event kicked off with students being grouped together at tables, each with their favourite book in hand. It began with a challenging quiz that tested their knowledge on all the books they had read. Following the quiz, the students took centre stage as they prepared and delivered captivating presentations on their chosen books. Their creativity, confidence, and the depth of their understanding, were truly impressive.

To recognise the outstanding achievements of the day, chocolate prizes were awarded to the highest-scoring group and two runners-up for their exceptional presentations. The ceremony for the Awards was live-streamed, and it was wonderful to see how entranced the students were with the proceedings. Ultimately the winner was The Blue Book of Nebo written by Manon Steffan Ros.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs Bovington, Chipping Norton School Librarian, for her dedication and commitment to making this event a resounding success, as well as our Burford School Librarian Mrs Howard. It was a delight to host this collaborative event in our newly renovated Library.

It was also a joy to witness our students' enthusiasm for reading and their immense talent. The collaboration between students from both Burford and Chipping Norton was a true testament to the magic of books. They combined their efforts, shared their love for literature, and created a memorable day of celebration.