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The aim of our Art department is to introduce students to a wide range of artistic styles and encourage them to hone their technique across a mix of media.

In this way, we hope to equip students with the skills to express themselves creatively and instil an enduring interest in art and design in them.

Students undertake their lessons in our dedicated art rooms which include our very own pottery room.

To support curriculum learning, we offer an enrichment programme of visits and events, from trips to galleries and museums in Oxfordshire and further afield to art workshops with local artists. We also run extra-curricular activities and clubs, including Clay Club and Art Club, for students.

Key Stage Three

At Key Stage Three, our students are introduced to the visual elements that form the basic principles of art, craft and design. These visual elements are line and mark making; tone; shape and form; colour; composition; texture; and pattern. Students also explore a wide range of 2D materials in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of their potential in the making of art, craft and design as well as basic techniques, in turn enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of the work of artists, craftworkers and designers.

Our teaching aims to raise their artistic confidence, skill and knowledge, build on their previous learning, and equip them with the skills and tools to pursue art at Key Stage 4 if they so wish.


Key Stage Three Curriculum - Year 7 (Terms 3 & 4)

Key Stage Three Curriculum - Year 8 (Terms 3 & 4)

Key Stage Three Curriculum - Year 9 (Terms 3 & 4)

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, we offer Art and Design as a GCSE option to students.

For more information, please read our Key Stage Four Curriculum Choices booklet.

Ahead of exam season, we have a Year 11 Curriculum Support Timetable in place to further support students in reaching for their potential at GCSE.

Key Stage Five

At Key Stage Five, we offer Art as an A-Level option to students.

For more information, please read our Sixth Form Course Guide.

Head of Department

Our Head of Art is Miss Vella.

For further information about our Art curriculum, please contact Miss Vella.